Wednesday, March 7, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Nine

Spring is trying to come to our neck of the woods. And there are signs of it, but it’s still been rather cold. I try to remind myself that it’s just the first week of March for heaven’s sake and that other parts of the country are still getting snow, but I’m greedy for warmer weather!

Sunday, February 25th              
My aunt Mimi tried on the hat that I made, but as I suspected, it’s too small (I ran out of yarn). She wanted something slouchy, so I’ll get another skein of yarn & see what I can do.

I played hooky from church to go mall walking with my dad.

Monday, February 26th                         
Our version of bangers & mash. Yum!

Tuesday, February 27th                                            
I decided that I wanted a separate bag to put my dirty microfiber cloths in (because I wash them separately from my other laundry).

It sure is pretty around here!

The Roy!

Wednesday, February 28th  
I met up with a friend and did some more mall walking. I hit 10,000 steps for the first time in a while!

Thursday, March 1st
The moon!

Friday, March 2nd                           
I finished crocheting my temperature scarf (for the first year back in NC – from March 1, 2017 – February 28, 2018). I’m not very happy about my color choices, so I’ve been a bit lackadaisical with the thing, and now I regret very much that I stopped weaving in the ends sometime in July.

Our daffies were taking a beating, so Dr. M brought them inside. Lovely!

Saturday, March 3rd                             
I mostly spent my birthday crocheting and then ripping out what I had crocheted. This square very nearly did me in!

I did take a break when Daddy & Sue brought lunch and a birthday cheesecake. We enjoyed it a lot and I think they need to bring food over more regularly. Ha! Perhaps sometime I’ll actually cook for them. That’s just crazy talk, right?

This week has been a little bit better. There’s a glimmer of light at the end of the dark tunnel through which I’ve been traveling, but my life is also about to get a whole lot busier. Plus, we really need to mow! I can’t think of a clever question this week (I know, my questions haven’t actually been all that clever), so you just tell me whatever you think I need to know. Ha!


  1. pretty daffodils. I only got one single flower.

  2. Good pics!
    Glad there's light at the end of the tunnel.
    A new year has begun,
    Many opportunities lie ahead.
    All the many good works prepared for you to walk in them
    because you are His workmanship,
    God's masterpiece,
    Heaven's poetry etched in life!
    (Ephesians 2:10)

  3. You're getting Spring! We have 4" of snow forecast for today. :-(

  4. Birthday? Was it your birthday? Happy late Birthday!!!!!
    I know the hat was supposed to be slouchy but I think its kinda cute as a little fitted beanie too

  5. Any week with bangers and mash is a good week! We brought in some of our daffodils, too -- they got beaten down pretty badly by the snow.

  6. Your Aunt Mimi is very cute. I like your bag to hold your micro cloths. I need that. Maybe if I knew where they were I'd use them more often. Happy birthday!
    I have to go private again with my blog. I hope you will still visit.

  7. future daughter-in-law posted a picture of bangers and mash on her Facebook page this week, too. Must be something in the air. I love that cheesecake!!!

    Your life is about to get a whole lot busier? Does that mean it's good ... or not?

  8. Seeing that cheesecake made me hungry.

  9. Glad to hear that light at the end of the tunnel news, and glad to see more Roy. Such a sweetie. Those trees are gorgeous! I'd say spring is lurking around pretty darned near.


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