Wednesday, April 11, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Fourteen

I have sixty-six (!!!) unread blog posts on my blog roll. I have either been too busy or too brain cloudy to do much more than crochet or play a game on my iPad. There is an end in sight (I’ll be back to only working one job soon), but I’m pretty sure the only way I’m going to catch up is to mark everything as read & start fresh at the end of April. Sheesh! And sorry!
Sunday, April 1st                
Easter Sunday morning selfie.

Dr. M saw a butterfly! The snapdragons seem to be doing well, and my wildflower garden is coming along (at least we hope all those seedlings will be wildflowers – ha!).

Male yellow-bellied sapsucker, and a grackle looking so much prettier than its name implies.

Monday, April 2nd                          
Happy little bluebirds!  I think these are my favorite pictures of the week.

Tuesday, April 3rd                                             
It was warm & sunny enough for Dr. M to put an “awning” over the swing. This is the best one yet – curtains that we brought from Ohio & ended up not using. You might recall that we’ve used bed sheets and a pirate flag in the past.

Wednesday, April 4th
Ms. Rita geranium’s first bloom of the year and a glorious sky.

Thursday, April 5th   
Dr. M planted some impatients to go with our pansies. He says, “Sunny, standing guard like a GAR statue, facing south, ever watchful lest the Rebels rise again. I tried to explain to her that West Lincoln High School (Home of the Rebels) is several miles south of here, so they rise (or ride the bus) every time they come north to play Fred T. Foard, but she would have none of it. Well, she is from Xenia...obviously an Unconditional Unionist!”

Friday, April 6th                             
It was snack o’clock – yum!

Dr. M was on a roll with his captions this week. Here’s the one for this picture: “Keeping us safe from the Russians for nearly six decades...they are a bit concerned about Alexa.”

Saturday, April 7th                                
Lunch – turkey & cheese & mayo and peanut butter & jelly. Most excellent!

I’ve been avoiding the next afghan square because it seemed extra worky. I had to learn how to use butterfly bobbins (which are basically tiny little skeins of yarn that you create so you don’t have to manage the big skeins when you’re changing yarn colors). You’ll have to wait until next week to see the end result.

Due to my cloudy brain I have nothing to say here. How about you tell me something?


  1. Hoping you survive the two-job days/weeks. Glad you can enjoy some down time to crochet and/or play games. Don't worry about missed blogs. You have been so dutifully faithful friend and follower. Now, take a break.
    Intrigued by the butterfly bobbins.

  2. all of that on one sandwich? you eat the weirdest stuff. don't worry about catching up even though you are missing some fascinating posts by moi!

  3. Peanut butter, jelly, cheese, and mayo? Uh.... I've met some interesting ethnic foods, but that beats all. Love the swallowtail butterfly, and Ms. Rita's first bloom. That ought to cheer you up. If you feel foggy, just look at that!

    They say nature abhors a vacuum, and today Nature (or circumstance, or whatever) gave me something to help fill up the space left by Ms. Dixie Rose. I found a fuzzy, yellow, absolutely undamaged wind-up chicken in the parking lot: the kind that goes in Easter baskets. I wound it up, and it walked all around the kitchen. I laughed my fool head off.

  4. I love your Easter selfie, all the flowers, the birds, and the mandarins (have been eating a lot myself lately), but I'm just going to keep my mouth closed about your sandwich. You can't be helped...

    You have Alexa? We got one from our son for Christmas, but really all we do is ask her to tell us the weather and play music. What does Alexa do for you?

    I remember working two's exhausting! Glad this is coming to an end for you. Hope that one that stays will work out OK.


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