Tuesday, April 24, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Sixteen

Flowers, crochet, and a dab of silliness – this week’s pictures reflect the Bug Household fairly well, I do believe.
Sunday, April 15th                 
No Sunday selfie this week – just pictures of all of our lovely flowers.

 This is the sixth crochet square pattern in my last colorway. (I guess I could have straightened the square up before its photo shoot - oops!)

Monday, April 16th                          
This lunch isn’t much to look at, but the tuna & trail mix melt was pretty darned tasty!

Dr. M decided we didn’t have enough flowers, so he got another basket of petunias. And we’ve already seen a hummingbird enjoying this basket! No picture, but hopefully we’ll be ready the next time.

Tuesday, April 17th                                              
On to the next square pattern, #7, in my first colorway.

Wednesday, April 18th
We had planned to put a black bag over this stump to discourage this type of activity, but we can’t help it: we like to see things grow. Even things that we’ll probably prune later.

Thursday, April 19th   
Second colorway in this pattern.

We’re all ready for April showers around here.

Friday, April 20th                             
Dr. M says, “New from Upcycled Awnings of Plateau, our cussed’em made “Curtains for Penguins” glider awning! Guaranteed to leave your neighbors asking ‘what the hell is that?’ Here at Upcycled Awnings of Plateau, WTF, we leave no stone unturned to insure that your out back operations are always shady!” Have I mentioned that my husband is a nut?

But he does take lovely pictures of the moon.

Saturday, April 21st                                 
I’m gonna have peony blossoms soon!

It’s the MLB edition of Birds in the Backyard – chipping (Chipper Jones) sparrows and the Boys of Summer (male goldfinches).

I was given a smart plug for Christmas & it took me four months to figure out what I wanted to use it for. I’ve really enjoyed being able to turn the fan on and off without having to get out of bed. It’s going to be the best thing ever this summer. Ha!

As I write this, we are into our second day of pouring rain. And even though the grass didn’t need mowing on Saturday or Sunday, I kind of wish I’d mowed it anyway. Might need to borrower a lawn tractor after the rain stops! But despite all this rain, my eyes have been extra dry. Allergies? Who knows. In any case, when I asked my eye doctor about it he said that I should put a warm compress over my eyes for about five minutes a couple of times a day. Which sounds pretty simple, right? But for some reason I find it hard to read, play games, or crochet with my eyes closed, so I haven’t managed to try it yet. What good-for-you thing are you too trifling to do?


  1. tuna & trail mix melt

    That looked awesome! I still miss the old Tuna Helper meal kit that I had for dinner more times that was probably healthy. The rest of my family hates tuna, and egg salad which I can't understand.

  2. Uh oh. Dry eyes. It's about That Time. Next stop, Restasis.

  3. I really like the off white colorways! Elegant!

  4. it's all bloomy here too. those afghans are going to be gorgeous and that is an awesome shot of the moon.

    1. He does do a good job with the moon. I'm still not sure what I'm doing with two of the afghans - maybe a drawing!

  5. A warm compress on the eyes sounds FABULOUS. I may try that and my eyes aren't even dry!

    Your flowers are looking great -- definitely ahead of ours!

    1. I think I might try the compress tonight. We'll see. Ha!

  6. Thanks for the encouragement Dana. I have made a tentative start and hope to keep going. Your garden must be looking beautiful - love all those photos. I am trying to teach myself to crochet but find it impossible to follow a pattern properly - I can do the various stitches but the patterns are something else. Love your squares and colourways.

    1. Thanks! It wouldn't be fair if you could do EVERYTHING - you're so creative in other areas.

  7. Hi, It's me, Bella. I love that neutral color. The patterns show up beautiful, so textural.
    Your flowers are beautiful. I haven't put any annuals out yet. Haven't done a single container garden. Looking forward to it though. That sweet potato plant practically took over the front steps last year.

    1. I'm enjoying the neutral color blanket too - the patterns look so different with just the one color.

      Your sweet potato plant was a thing of beauty last year! Maybe I should see if Dr. M will put one out front here.

  8. I love tuna melts...now I want one! Your comments with the upcycled awnings had me laughing.

    Send some rain this way - our lawn is crunchy.

    1. I’ll bet you wouldn’t like this tuna - it had nuts & dried cranberries in it - ha!


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