Thursday, May 3, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Seventeen

Oh man peoples, I am exhausted. I finished working for my old company last Friday, so this week I’ve gone into the office every day and I’m out of practice (I have to get up 1 ½ to 2 hours earlier). I won’t put myself to bed at a reasonable hour. I need someone to come by each evening & brush my teeth, wash my face, and pick me up & put me into my bed. Dr. M is apparently not interested in this unpaid position. I can’t imagine why not. Anyway, in addition to being exhausted, the tooth that I thought would derail my surgery in August has flared up again. I have a root canal scheduled for tomorrow. Yay?

OK, enough whining – let’s get onto the pictures before it’s time to post a whole new week’s worth.
Sunday, April 22nd                  
Sunday selfie – my Aunt M the former Marine. She’s part of the quilting ministry at her church – and she just recently turned 80. She’s pretty amazing. 

Dr. M had a fashionably dressed visitor while I was at church – Indigo Bunting!

Monday, April 23rd                           
Dr. M decided that my Opus collection needed some work.

We had so much rain last week – doesn’t Papa Cardinal look miserable? (This might be my favorite picture of the week)

Tuesday, April 24th                                              
Blanket update. This is my third colorway.

Rain rain rain… Heather the sheep is glad she’s still wearing her lovely bubble wrap wrap.

Wednesday, April 25th
The company I work for builds high-end furniture. Here are a couple of recent pieces.

Thursday, April 26th   
Got new earrings. I just love the work my friend Becci does with her Feryl Designs.

Another blanket – my fourth colorway. Now I’m onto square #8 – if I can stay awake that is…

Friday, April 27th                             
Azaleas & cardinals – that’s what’s going on around here these days. Oh, and I finally mowed!

Saturday, April 28th                                  
I went shopping this afternoon & saw this on the ground. As I said on Facebook – what I bought didn’t cost an arm and a leg, but I’m glad I had backup just in case!

Another day, another Opus.

It was Sue’s birthday on Friday, so we went over to celebrate with her & Daddy. Daddy, Sue, & I walked out to let my brother’s dogs out for a bit. I love the golf hole my dad has created.

While we were meandering around, Dr. M took pictures of my dad’s irises. His caption: “I’m too sexy for your yard...too sexy for your yard...I’m too sexy!”

I’m too sleepy to be coherent (I dread reading this post tomorrow). Instead of me asking you a question, feel free to point out where I may have gone awry up there. Ha!


  1. ...doesn’t Papa Cardinal look miserable?

    Placed in a similar frame of mind. my thoughts drift to a tropical beach resort, tacos, and tequila.

    1. Yep - although I'd replace the tequila with lemonade :)

  2. Your irises are beautiful. Mine are blooming too. That blue bird is so beautiful. Good luck with your root canal. I hate those.

    1. Thanks! No root canal - it's complicated. You'll hear all about it later!

  3. That indigo bunting is amazing!

  4. Love the irises!

    Hopefully, you're down to just one job now and the situation with the new company is squared away as far as their financial situation is concerned.

    Feel free to send some rain this way!

    1. Yes - the new job is moving full steam ahead. It's exciting to be a part of it!

  5. I am so jealous of your indigo bunting! And I have no idea where all of our cardinals went. It's our state bird, and they are nowhere all of a sudden. Hey...wait a minute...maybe they became Snowbirds, too, like so many other Ohio residents!

    1. Well can you blame them? Your winter is Out of Control!

  6. That poor cardinal! I want to DO something for the poor thing. But I'm sure he's all dried out and happy by now. I have a pair that are stopping by for a little seed now. I've been hearing the twittering -- I think their babies may be getting ready to fledge. I haven't seen them, but they sure are loud. I think the nest is in a palm tree, which is weird -- but it's secure.

    Glad to hear that the work situation's stabilizing, although you have my full sympathy re: that early rise. I need to get myself in bed early tonight. I'm exhausted, too, for a whole variety of reasons which are actually pretty boring. Discipline, that's what we need!

  7. Papa Cardinal looks like you feel, I guess. Hope the root canal went well.


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