Thursday, May 24, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Twenty

I don’t know what it is that I do every week, but here I am again working on my post days later than I intended. Ah well, it might be time to admit that I’m just a procrastinator.
Sunday, May 13th                   
Another day, another square…


Monday, May 14th                            
I thought Monday’s salad was beautiful.

I finally finished a project that I’d been working on forever – just in time for hot weather. Hopefully the recipient doesn’t mind waiting until fall to wear this.

Tuesday, May 15th                                               
More interesting furniture from where I work.

Wednesday, May 16th   
Our impatiens heart is lovely.

Thursday, May 17th     
Invariably when Dr. M decides to sit on the deck these days, our neighbor decides it’s the perfect time to mow. Ha!

Friday, May 18th                             
I was checking out the hymns for Sunday & had to text a picture of this one to my aunt Mimi – she told me that when she was little she thought this was Lead On O Kinky Turtle, so I always think of her when we sing it.

Saturday, May 19th                                  
Dr. M was the officiant at another wedding. It was a lovely ceremony & the cake was excellent (why yes, that is the yardstick I use to measure weddings).

Came home from the wedding & mowed. Last year on May 19th I had my initial appointment with my surgeon & found out just how messed up my hip was. I was using a walker, and would continue to use one until my surgery in August. But all that’s behind me now – mowing is a breeze! 

I’m not getting nearly enough sleep. I just won’t go to bed in a timely manner. I realize that this is a common refrain on here, but I’m mentioning it again because I can hardly hold my eyes open right now… zzzzzzzzzzzzzz……… Oh wait, are you still here? How much sleep do you think you need each night?


  1. Your salad does look delicious. (If you're hiding cranberries or mandarin slices underneath, I'm taking that back!)

    When Dave and I got married, we didn't have a cake. We went to the Chinese buffet in Las Vegas (on Thanksgiving Day...because all the turkey buffets had long lines) and had a fortune cookie instead of cake.

    According to my Fitbit, I average about 6 3/4 hours sleep during weeknights, about 8 on weekends. I'd like to get 7 to 7 1/2, but I seem to have the same issue you do: can't get myself to bed on time!

  2. Lead on O Kinky Turtle -- HA!

    I love that skink! And the funky furniture is interesting, though that black chair looks hot.

  3. sounds like Dr. M has a new profession. so glad you are up and mowing and no walker!

  4. Apropo your burning calories on cardio exercising. I've just read about a research whose conclusion tells people that nutrition (diet) and physical activity (exercising, walking) have entirely two separate health goals. You can burn calories just sitting on a chair all day, provided you eat the right foods and portions (diet); you cannot loose weight by excercising alone, or by combining it with eating cake . That should give people a lot of food to thought.

  5. Keep the furniture pictures coming; they're so intriguing!
    I think your Wedding Cake Yardstick is a fine measurement. Definitely the Best Weddings have cassata cake. Hate all the fondant cakes: they look nice but that stuff is awful to eat.

  6. Have I really missed this many blog posts???
    Cute Skink.
    I ran over a snake this week driving out of the garage.
    Poor thing slithered away dragging some of its entrails.


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