Sunday, June 24, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Twenty-five

This post is all about crochet & flowers. You know, the usual. And lookit! I am posting this On Time!! I am amazed at myself. Do you know why I’m able to do this? Because the other day I asked Dr. M to delete a game off of my iPad. I’m not saying it was an addiction, but I think it was probably an addiction.
Sunday, June 17th                     
Before we get to the flowers & the crochet, let’s take a moment to wish my dad a very happy Father’s Day!

I took Sue and him out to eat & got myself this very elaborate dessert. It was worth every single calorie.              

While I was stuffing myself, Dr. M was home sick and taking pictures of daylilies.

The first crochet picture of the week. 

Monday, June 18th                              

I started Weight Watchers AGAIN. I had lost a good bit of weight over the last year, but since I started my new job it’s creeping back on. Trying to stop that trend in its tracks!

Another day, another square…

Tuesday, June 19th                                                 
My mother’s birthday. I wrote a nice note to her on Facebook talking about how she would have been amazed & astounded to be 78 years old. And she would have been amazed & astounded because it was only her 76th birthday. Oops. Sorry Momcat!

Daylilies – these are from our neighbor’s yard. They are doing so well this year!

Square square square… blah blah blah

Wednesday, June 20th    

Facebook caption: After a crazy day at work I like to relax in one of our fabulous chairs. #oldhickorytannery #myfitbitlovesme #somanystairs #itstoodamnhot

Thursday, June 21st        
We had leftover peas & I decided that they’d make a fine midmorning snack.

This made me laugh – I’m always slicing the right thumb of these things, but this time I apparently cut quite a swath along the left wrist. They still work though.

Friday, June 22nd                                
Went to Michaels to pick something up for work and was VERY confused!

Pictures of furniture at work through the week.

Saturday, June 23rd                                     
Some squares need more blocking than others!

I can’t believe that it’s summer now and that we’ll be on vacation in a little less than a week! Furniture industry companies typically close the week of July 4th and the week between Christmas & New Year’s Day. It’s a new world for me – I’m used to taking vacations whenever I want to. On the other hand, since the whole company is closed I don’t have to worry about work piling up on my desk while I’m gone.

Are you ready for summer? Is it too hot where you are? I gotta say, this has been quite the heat wave!


  1. That is one fluffy sofa. Hope The Professor is feeling better by now. I was on board with that dessert until I saw caramel with what I hoped was peanut butter. Sigh.

    1. I was trying to figure out if I would ever let anyone touch that sofa! It sure was soft though...

      That is indeed caramel on the peanut butter - one of my favorite combos! Here's the restaurant (O'Charley's) description: GOO GOO CRUNCH - Creamy layers of chocolate fudge, peanut butter mousse and nougat cream topped with caramel, chocolate sauce, fresh whipped cream and Nashville’s original candy ~ chopped Goo Goo Cluster

  2. OMG...that dessert! I want it, damn the calories. But I know what you mean about losing weight, and then - if you are not really careful - it tends to creep up again. I'm in that same place right now.

    That brown couch looks comfy, but I'd constantly would want to flip the two cushions on the outside to show brown on top, too. I like ORDER! Must be the German in me...I can't even hang up something on my drying rack and use two different-colored clothespins. I might have a problem...

    Love that picture of you in the chair!

    1. I was trying to decide if I liked the sofa with the flipped cushions - I might be like you & need to make them all face the same way. Ha!

  3. First of all, the daylillies . . . oooh, and that dessert . . . oh, and the wildflowers . . . and that dessert . . . Your mother was a FOX and, I suspect, a bit of a flirt . . . and then there's that dessert . . . and those confusing door signs . . . arrrghhh, that dessert . . . oh and all that remarkable furniture . . . And. That. Dessert.

    Oh, blast it all, let me help you with your weight loss program. Contact O'Charley's and tell them to ship me one large case of Goo Goo Crunch desserts STAT!!!!

    Gadfrey! That dessert!

    1. That dessert really was fabulous - I think I'll make it a reward for losing my first five pounds. Then I can lose the same five pounds again. Ha!

  4. peas? for a mid-morning snack? gross.

  5. I took Sue and him out to eat & got myself this very elaborate dessert.

    Wife and I ate out way too much last weekend. It's Monday night right now and I'm actually thinking about going of a small fast.

    1. Yeah - it felt good to eat in a more healthy manner this past week.

  6. OK, that furry couch looks REALLY hot. Like, temperature-wise.

    How on Earth did you cut that glove so thoroughly without also cutting your arm? And what is UP with those signs on the door?!

    1. I'm pretty sure that it was the pizza cutter - I had put it in the silverware holder & must have gotten too close to it when I was putting more dishes on the dish drain. Guess I'm glad I was wearing the glove!

  7. What an assortment of wildflowers!


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