Sunday, February 3, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Five

Oh my word – technology was NOT my friend this past week! At work we changed our phone/internet provider & on Monday we discovered that the fax line wasn’t working. Then I figured out that the postage meter wasn’t working. Then I figured out that the copier would no longer email scanned documents. Additionally, the battery went bad on the burglar alarm. Fortunately, everything except the copier has been resolved. I can’t wait to see what will happen this week!
Sunday, January 27th                                 
We put up our Christmas tree last week, but our dining room table still looks like this. I wonder if it will still all be there until spring? Perhaps I should I schedule a dinner party to give me a little nudge?

Monday, January 28th                  
Another edition of The Bug Parking Badly. I don’t know why I bother to pull through to the next space in parking lots – I either look like this or I leave the nose of my car poking out into the aisle. Fortunately there were plenty of empty spaces around me so that people could avoid my mess.

Tuesday, January 29th                                               
I’ve been trying to drink peppermint tea to see if it will mitigate my sweet tooth. Well, I tried it this one day. All of the other days I ate something sweet instead. Baby steps?

Wednesday, January 30th                                              
Got a haircut! It had been a while. My cousin’s daughter is in cosmetology school. I think she did a great job! We talked about how I’m going to try to let my gray grow out to see what it looks like. Alternatively I might be right back in her chair as soon as she finishes the color module in class. Ha!

Thursday, January 31st                                                
I had the best lunch! Homemade guacamole (just avocado & a bit of Rotel), hard-boiled egg, and spinach on toasted pita. YUM.

I might have squealed a bit – the author of my favorite comic strip (Bloom County) liked the picture of Opus that I posted last week.

Friday, February 1st                                                
We got to turn to a new month on our Otis Unleashed calendar.

Saturday, February 2nd  
On my way to a workshop about climate change. The character in my book was describing the experience of drinking tea made in a pot that usually had coffee in it. Blech!

At the workshop we walked outside, then came in and drew pictures that depicted how we felt about it. My picture is of me looking down to see the pine sprig that I found (that’s my boot & the bottom of my dress). I was VERY impressed by the 12 year old son of the local imam who was there – so articulate. I took a picture of his drawing. It says “A WORLD TO LOSE.” I was also really impressed with our vegetarian lunch (from here) – it was delicious.

Here’s hoping that this week technology is my friend. Also that I drink peppermint tea more than once. What are your exciting plans?


  1. I started drinking more tea to be healthier. So my first cup at work, when I arrive in the morning, is tea. I have coffee at 10:00 a.m. and then another cup after lunch (not to worry - I have a cup of coffee at home, with breakfast, to wake up). The result? I have to use the bathroom about four times (!) in the morning. Urgh.

    When we moved to a new office location at my job about a year ago, we had similar issues with technology. Internet, phones, copy machine, postage machine - you name it. Luckily we have an IT guy contractor who handles all that stuff. It wasn't pleasant, so I feel your pain. And if you ask me, faxing is so Nineties!

    You're lucky to have a "hair lady" in your family! Your hair looks fantastic.

  2. Great haircut!
    Avocados are currently cheap in our local grocery store, so I am enjoying avocado toast at Early Lunch. They're so good with salad and on sandwiches, too. Heck, they're good with everything!
    The tea/coffee thing makes me wonder about Keurigs--doesn't everything taste like coffee coming out of there if the machine is used to make coffee?

  3. That's the problem with technology. Everything is connected to your wi-fi and if that is changed then it all has to be changed. I've never been a fan of avocados and I feel as if I am missing out on something. I even have the guacamole omitted when we go to a Mexican restaurant.

    People shouldn't have to avoid your mess in the parking lot. You should get back in the car and park properly. Just sayin'

  4. I had to take baby steps to be able to tolerate green tea myself. I added a LOT of honey in the beginning. Still use it occasionally.

  5. Re your first photo: that's why god invented t.v. trays. Congratz on the recognition from Mr. Breathed!

  6. Good luck with getting your Christmas decorations off your table. I just got my last two decorations (wreaths) put away last week. Also, good luck with your tea-drinking plan. Your drawing is much better than mine would be. :)

  7. I've tried and tried to drink tea: peppermint, spice, lemon, whatever. I just can't. I used to like Constant Comment a LOT, but that was decades ago. They changed the combination of spices somewhere along the line, and now it just isn't the same. However, I have reduced my coffee drinking considerably -- two cups in the morning, and just occasionally one at night. And I don't ever drink a Coke or other soft drink, so I'm good there. Before Christmas, I resorted to the invite company--clean house routine. I just was careful to have several lunches and dinners in about a two week period. I figured that was as long as I could keep things under control.


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