Sunday, June 23, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Twenty-five

Busy work week = Brain-befuddled Bug = No blog reading. So sorry! Hopefully this week will be less crazy so I can find out what’s going on in all of your lives!
Sunday, June 16th                                        
Father’s Day! I spent most of it with my dad. Here we are mall walking & he’s telling me that as his daughter I should never be ashamed to perform in public. That’s true. After years of being humiliated by his public whistling I got over myself & now I just go with the flow.

Monday, June 17th             
I took a plant into the office! Now we shall have a moment of silence as we contemplate its fate… I really am curious to see how it did all weekend – my office has no windows. It might be coming right back home again!

The moon!

Tuesday, June 18th                                             

Wednesday, June 19th                                                       
My mom’s birthday – always bittersweet. But it was a good day. Dr. M found some sheep (who, strangely, did not stare at him).

Then he took another picture of the wildflower bed – lovely!

Thursday, June 20th                                                        
Ms. Pinky & the deck flowers are doing just fine, thank you!

I got to play with the new mower! It was a little terrifying at times (our yard is pretty hilly), but I think I go the hang of it.

And then Roy came to visit.

Friday, June 21st                                                       
More progress. Not coasters!

Saturday, June 22nd      
WW showed this interesting breakfast on Instagram – fried egg on sweet potato “toast.” It was really good ya’ll! Even though I had spinach instead of bacon (only because I didn’t have bacon).

We had our annual employee event at the Hickory Crawdad’s (minor league baseball team). My fellow HR coworkers & I worked – taking raffle tickets & handing out game tickets. It started out rainy, but ended up being just fine. I had some good BBQ & ice cream, but I didn’t stay for the game. I was exhausted!

I skipped church again today because I didn’t feel well. And then I cleaned & did laundry. Tomorrow’s going to be a really busy day at work. Remember what I said last week about going to bed early? Ditto! Hope you all have a great week!


  1. I see that Roy is released from his Cone. Hooray!
    Should you be wearing a helmet when you mow? LOL

    1. That is not at all a bad idea! And I just happen to have one... Ha!

  2. How do you accept to work in an office without windows? No windows is inhumane.

    1. There are windows elsewhere in the office, just not my particular one. And that's actually not a bad thing - I am easily distracted!

  3. Well, spinach is certainly healthier than bacon, so kudos to you! Ms. Pinky looks so happy to be outside. If you have bright fluorescent light in your office, your plants might be OK -- I think most of the species in that little planter do well in low light. (Although they do seem packed in there a bit tightly!)

    1. We thought the planter was pretty full too - we were waiting for survival of the fittest to take over - ha! Maybe this will speed that process along.

  4. Ahh - your dad!! That just makes me smile.
    May the odds be ever in your favor Plant!!! :)

  5. No seat belt on that ginormous automated beast? Grass looks nice though.

    1. No there isn't! We might have to bungee cord me on :)

  6. I like all your flowers but I LOVE the wildflowers.

  7. Your office plant looks lovely! Is there a small light you can leave on over the weekend if you find it needs more light?


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