Sunday, June 16, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Twenty-four

What a beautiful week we had! I guess that helped make up for all the rain. I enjoyed sitting out on the deck again. We’re back in the oven again today – but that’s a little more normal than running my car heater on the way to work like I did this past week. And that’s enough talk about the weather – for now.
Sunday, June 9th                                        
It was Pentecost Sunday at church. As I said on Facebook, the paradigm of church might be changing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still gather together to listen to God’s still speaking voice. And isn’t that a glorious arrangement on the altar?

Dr. M took a picture of the neighbor’s driveway. I guess it was a glorious week for me since I didn’t have to contend with this type of damage – yikes!

Monday, June 10th             
Flowers after the rain.

I got home from Monthly Monday Mexican night to a very exciting shipment! I’ve been salivating over Scheepjes yarn for a while & I finally found an excuse to order some. Also pictured, the rice heart from my meal. Awww.

Tuesday, June 11th                                             
Did I mention that the weather was fabulous? Dr. M did some deck sitting.

I started my project!

Wednesday, June 12th                                                       
Dr. M quickly decided that hooking up the trailer to borrow his dad’s mower was not going to work for us after he has back surgery (and really he shouldn’t be doing stuff like that now). So he found this cute used mower that will be my baby. Can’t wait to try Little Red Riding Good out!

Thursday, June 13th                                                        
Here is a long boring story about how I got my new work nickname. I wore this to work & my boss commented that it was a nice suit & she hoped I didn’t have a job interview. I said that I thought this suit was a little casual for job interviews & that I thought of it as my Miami Vice look (and that in fact it probably went back to that era). After she & my coworker stopped laughing they decided that my new nickname is Miami. (My old nickname was Eagle Eye because I have a really irritating habit of noticing misspellings & such. Really. Irritating.)

The Roy has a cone of shame – we’re not sure why – but it doesn’t stop him from getting good scritches!

Friday, June 14th                                                      
There is a fabulous bank of daylilies on our main road. Dr. M was able to get a pretty good picture of them.

Saturday, June 15th      
We spent some time with Dr. M’s Pop. Dr. M took me to the grocery store to show me what kinds of things he gets his dad – this will be my job while he’s recuperating. Not pictured: about forty eleven cans of cat food.

Making progress! One of these is done, but the other two have a ways to go yet.

I spent today (Father's Day!) hanging out with my dad (Mall walking! Eating!), and I’ve been working on this post “talking” to you guys. I think I might be extroverted out. Sorry Dr. M – no more communicating today. I shall silently make the beds with our clean sheets & then I shall silently crochet & then I shall silently go to bed about an hour early. Good night.


  1. Your newest project is very colourful and intricate. Your speed in crochet never fails to amaze me.
    Have fun on your riding mower! I think you'll love it.

  2. so, are those coasters? very cool looking whatever they are. and not to be judgemental and all but Dr. M's dad has a crappy diet.

  3. You know I love a good yarn pic - GORGEOUS!
    That drive - YIKES! What happened???
    that is a gorgeous arrangement for church. Love the colors

  4. Yeah, what happened to that driveway?! Love the flowers, as always!

  5. The cats must eat, even if no one else does.

  6. Before long I'm going to need a riding lawnmower for my lawn. My son will more than likely move away at some point and my daughter will be going to college.

  7. Your "Monthly Monday Mexican" sounds a lot more fun than our "Mandatory Monday Meeting" at work - ha!

    I think "Miami" and "Eagle Eye" are very appropriate nicknames for you. One of my co-workers once called me "Grammar Hammer." Not sure if that's good or bad.


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