Sunday, June 9, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Twenty-three

Well, we’ve had some excitement around here – off and on torrential rain for the last three days has resulted in some collapsed driveways, storage buildings sliding off of their foundations, washed out roads, flooded basements, roof leaks, and all the different ways that too much water can be a menace. We just had a (very minor) leak around a light fixture in the kitchen, so we were very very lucky!
Sunday, June 2nd                                         
The wildflower bed continues to be fabulous.

I took a Friends and Family CPR class after church today. The mannequins are really pretty terrifying, but I saved my infant so I was pretty pleased about that.

Monday, June 3rd            
The boys are back!

Tuesday, June 4th                                             
They’re renovating the offices on the floor below where I work & there have been some really interesting noises, but today’s wins. I’m pretty sure this is the call of a wounded Wookiee.

Wednesday, June 5th                                                       
Dr. M saw his surgeon today. They’ve set the surgery date for July 29th (a “MAST Midline PLIF lumbar fusion”). He could have had an earlier date, but his father has some upcoming medical procedures that he needed to coordinate around.

That evening I tried to crochet a coaster. Perhaps a gauge swatch would not have gone amiss?

Thursday, June 6th                                                        
I found a cup big enough for my ginormous coaster! FYI – my sister-in-law made this cup for Dr. M (shh! Don’t tell him I stole borrowed it for work). She can make cups for you too if you would like – almost any design. This particular cup is pretty amazing – it had ice in it when I left the office on Thursday & still had ice in it on Friday morning!

Friday, June 7th                                                      
No picture.

Saturday, June 8th      
I photographed some of the “wildlife” on our gloriosa daisies. Such interesting little critters (one of which is a dreaded potato bug – I’m glad these daisies aren’t potatoes).

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, we have had torrential rains. As of this morning, my dad had gotten over 11 inches of rain in about two days. Dr. M posted a couple of videos of water running behind our house & across the street. It was pretty impressive (even if these screen grabs aren’t all that impressive). Lots of damage in our area! Fortunately the sun is currently shining, so hopefully people have been able to start getting back to normal.

All of this crazy weather is just another reminder that the effects of climate change are not “someday” or a problem for future generations to handle. Sometimes I feel fired up & sometimes I just feel despair. But I’ll continue to try to do the little things that I can, work toward more drastic changes, and hope that everyone else gets on board too.  


  1. Wow! And we thought our five-and-a-half inches since Friday was bad. It's still raining here so I suspect more will be headed your way. Hope the 'maters don't rot on the vine.

  2. Indeed, climate change is here to stay, and we're helpless about it as it's God's domain. We should be taught ways of preventing damage and protecting ourselves; instead we have futile talks on how to prevent...climate change.

  3. Raining a ton here in NEO as well. I'm soggy and Over It.
    The Professor and Rick can start a Lumbar Hardware Club. He has rods and screws, too.

  4. I wonder if it was the same storm system that dumped that amount on us in two days, most of it in one day.

    so I shot a ool little video with my phone. how do I get it to work on my blog?

  5. All of this crazy weather is just another reminder that the effects of climate change are not “someday”...

    Eventually even the most blind and dumb of the deniers will be forced to admit we've wrecked the climate.

  6. Raining here today, all day. T-storms further south.
    Those gloriosa daisies are indeed glorious!

  7. Oh, meant to say I'll be thinking of Dr. M on 7/29 and pray he can hang in there till then.

  8. Those torrential rains must have been really scary! I know how much damage water can do...

    Love your cup and I'm so proud of you for using a stainless steel straw! (At least that's what it looks like). Hoping the time to Dr. M's surgery date passes quickly for him!


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