Saturday, August 31, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Thirty-five

I’m not sure what I’m going to say here. If it still says this then sorry folks – I forgot to come back & change it! (I didn’t forget – I just never thought of anything to say.)
Sunday, August 25th                                             
Morning glories!

Monday, August 26th             
Dr. M had his follow up appointment today. He is apparently proceeding as expected. The nerves will take a while to calm down, and he still needs to heal from the surgery, but as you will see later in the week he is doing very well. We picked up pictures of the hardware in his back. Also pictured: the sopapillas we had at dinner after the appointment. Yum!

Tuesday, August 27th                                                
The wildflowers are in full fall mode now – the perfect date spot for Mr. & Mrs. Goldfinch.

New hairs! As I told my stylist (my cousin Kim’s daughter Abbey, who is interning at a local salon), “this is the beginning of me growing my bangs out again.” Ha!

Wednesday, August 28th                                                         
I can still pull my hair back – yay!

Thursday, August 29th                                                            
This is my most used emoji list. Drama queen? What drama queen?

Friday, August 30th                                                           
Another fine example of The Bug Parking Badly. I am actually within the lines on both sides, but it ain’t pretty!

Dr. M cleaning up the mess I made while mowing. Look at him go!

Saturday, August 31st           
I bought some caramel corn for my niece’s fundraiser. It’s called Sweetie You Salty & it is the devil.

My dad gave me a Moon & Stars watermelon this week. I guess I should cut it up, but it’s so pretty that right now I’m just using it as a table decoration.

This is a long weekend & I am so ready for it! I love my job & actually don’t mind working at all. On the other hand, any time I get to sleep in & putter around the house is a bonus. Any of you have plans for the long weekend?


  1. Dr. M's back looks a lot like Rick's. They are the Titanium Twins.

    Ah, you and Bangs. I predict a short romance. LOL.

  2. Glad Dr M is better and better. Guess he'll set off the alarms with TSA though. Moon and Stars Watermelon - it's a real thing. Very pretty.

  3. the bangs would drive me nuts. I've never heard of a moon and stars watermelon. is it still red inside? no plans for the weekend except for working on the heron box.

  4. I have NEVER seen a watermelon like that! Cool!

  5. See? I was spot on about the pool for the bangs. Enjoy your holiday.

  6. We have become fans of a popcorn mix: half caramel corn, half cheezy-salty popcorn. Yum. And not good for us. But who cares.

  7. I love your new hairs!

    I had never heard of a moon and stars watermelon, but now I want a melon. I should have bought one today!


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