Saturday, October 5, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Forty

We have FINALLY had some fall weather today. Yesterday it was 92; today it was 64. Woot! I mowed, and sat around the house later with long sleeves on. Happy sigh. Although it won’t be long until I’m complaining about having to sit around the house in long sleeves. My comfort zone is rather narrow.
Sunday, September 29th                                               
It is, oh, two steps from my fridge to the counter, but I still have to carry everything in “one trip.”

Monday, September 30th              
Our coleus is out of control. Plus, random volunteer morning glories. Are morning glories ever not volunteer? Well, yes, I guess they are since ours came from my dad’s house.

Tuesday, October 1st                                                 
I was trying to cut a raw sweet potato. As you can see, it was not going well. I really need to work out more!

Wednesday, October 2nd                                                          
Dr. M took his dad to the Ford dealership get some recall work done on his truck, and they had pink balloons in the showroom – for breast cancer awareness month. It’s good that Dr. M can ferry his dad to appointments, but he is still very much in back surgery recovery mode. All the driving wears him out. He is impatiently waiting for the day when he has his full strength & stamina back!

Thursday, October 3rd                                                             
We’re a little superstitious about our baseball around here. We always have my ancient Samuel Spaniel watch the game with us. My brother gave him to me when I was in college, so he’s an antique now. Ha!

Friday, October 4th                                                           
I FINALLY ate an apple that had been sitting on my desk for almost 2 weeks & had to document the fact for Dr. M. It was really good!

Saturday, October 5th            
New crochet project (yes, I have three other WIPs but I got this new yarn & it was taunting me, so…). I think it looks a little bit like candy corn, so it’s very appropriate for this time of year! Although someone on Facebook just said it looks like pizza & now I can't unsee that. Ha! 

Well, the Braves are 1 and 1 here in the post season. The first game was SO ANNOYING, and the second game was SO SATISFYING. I’m going to be glad when baseball is over – I don’t think I can handle all these extremes for much longer. Ha!


  1. I texted Baseball Steve the other night "I hope the Dodgers and the Yankees get into the World Series, and then they both lose!"

  2. He is impatiently waiting for the day when he has his full strength & stamina back!

    I know that feeling! After I was released from MUSC last December that first week home I remember laying on the couch wondering if I would ever feeling normal again.

  3. or else you need a sharper knife. and yeah, candy corn, but oh yeah, pizza!

  4. I don't see pizza but yes to the candy corn. Cool weather - nice. Hopefully we'll see some soon ourselves

  5. I have an apple that's been on my desk for so long, if I touch it, it may turn to mush.

    i've had that same sweet potato issue. You need some serious arm muscles to get through some of those babies

  6. Yes, pizza! I saw it before you said it, so pizza it is.

    Fall has finally arrived here, too, after a string of tropical weather. I am more than ready--so sick of heat and humidity and being a hostage of air conditioning. Feels so good to sleep in a truly chilly room with fresh air and snuggled down into a comforter.

    Give my best to The Professor.

  7. OK, I wouldn't have seen pizza in that crocheting, but like you, now that's ALL I see! I love your bug wallpaper, BTW.

  8. Well, dang. I didn't get emails for your last two posts, so I'm behind again. My great dream is that all your blogger people would come over to Wordpress. This Google blog system seems crazy to me -- but some people think I'm crazy, so there you are.

    You can put me in the candy corn column, although now that I've heard "pizza" that's all I can think of. I can't have pizza for a while, since I had dental surgery yesterday and have been given lists of instructions and some very nice pain meds. Actually, I was supposed to take the pain meds every four hours, but I'm taking them every six now, and that's doing fine. In another day or so I may be able to go every eight, and then just cease and desist.

    I'm still trying to figure out why you tried to cut a raw sweet potato. I finally remembered I do have one recipe where I have to do that, but I don't make it very often. Better to bake, then cut, sez me. I like easy!

  9. I eat apple cores, do you? Not the seeds or stem, of course.

  10. No apple would ever last for two weeks on my desk - I eat one every single day.


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