Sunday, October 27, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Forty-three

When I started looking at our pictures this week I was dismayed to see that I had THIRTY! Now that right there is a sign of a great week (or perhaps it could be a sign of a terrible week; in this case it was great). Fortunately for you guys I collaged the heck out of all those photos, so you don’t have to spend an hour reading this blog post.
Sunday, October 20th                                               
After church Dr. M & I took a drive up into the mountains. It was a glorious day!

Monday, October 21st               
The carrots in my meal were grinning at me. I felt like there was malevolence in that grin. #justsaynotocarrots

Tuesday, October 22nd                                                   
Dr. M says: “Today I stopped by Honey’s IGA on 10 at the Lincoln/Catawba County line to pick up a few items, including fresh tomatoes. I dropped my card at the checkout register, and the clerk, seeing the angst on my face, asked if I needed help. But I didn’t! It took some effort, but I picked that sucker up on my own! So grateful for healing and for the gift of brilliant surgeons and their teams 😍

Wednesday, October 23rd                                                          
We had a cancer awareness event at work & were given these terribly cute little succulents. There was a wide variety, but I chose the hen & chicks (echeveria) because I miss seeing them at my neighbor’s house in Ohio.

Thursday, October 24th                                                              
I finally finished the vest that I was making for fall. I paired it with what I’m calling my Little Dutch Clown outfit.

Friday, October 25th                                                           
I was getting ready for bed & had this feeling that something was watching me…

Saturday, October 26th            
My church had its trunk or treat event today. It was a lot of fun! Very low key for me – I basically did nothing but sit there & tell the kids they could pick out three pieces of candy. My cousin & her family were more enterprising – they set up a shark-themed activity where the kids had to walk the plank before they could get any candy.

I’ve started yet another crochet project. That makes four active WIPs (works in progress). I like to have a few different things going, so I’m ok with that. However, none of them are Christmas presents and that could be a problem unless I just admit to myself that I’m not giving any crocheted items for Christmas this year. And my family breathed a silent “thank you” to the universe. Ha! How about you - ready for Christmas yet?


  1. Your church is a lot more fun than the one I grew up in!

  2. Trunk or treat? That's a new one on me. I love your sheep cup!

  3. So glad the Professor is feeling better.

    My Christmas knitting is not past the Thinking stage yet, and that is a problem. Like you, I may be taking the year off from Gift Knitting. We'll see.

  4. As it happens, I have all my xmasing done! Yay! Pretty drive y'all took, pretty countryside. Good costumes!

  5. I love your Sunday trip collage! What do you use to make collages like that?

  6. Carrot-grin, funny. Reminds me of an acquaintance who sees faces everywhere.


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