Sunday, November 10, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Forty-five

It has been quite lovely around here this week. The leaves are turning (or are mostly done now), and the skies were beautifully blue for much of the week. Let’s hope this trend continues!
Sunday, November 3rd                                                
I finally pulled these squares out & started joining them together. Remember, I was making this blanket last year! I was highly amused at how many steps I got while sitting in my recliner - I'm apparently an aerobic crocheter! 

Monday, November 4th               
Midway through the day I noticed I was in such a rush to get to work that morning I had put my wedding ring set on upside down. Ha!

Sometimes a man just needs to take a nap with his banjo.

Tuesday, November 5th                                                    
Dr. M saw this classic car today. I want one!

The moon man was at it again.

Wednesday, November 6th                                                           
I took a walk during my lunch hour today. If I’d had my car keys I might have just walked to my car & played hooky for the rest of the day!

Thursday, November 7th                                                               
As Dr. M said on Facebook, “I’m simply saying that life...uh...finds a way” 

My boss came back from a 2 week visit to family in Germany & brought presents! No, I did not try the brandy candy.

Friday, November 8th                                                            
Got my hair done. Abbey does a great job blowing it out – but I usually feel like I’m wearing a wig when I see myself in the mirror. Ha! (Note: she straightened the bangs out after I took this picture)

Saturday, November 9th            
Worked on another crochet project this afternoon. It’s supposed to be a Christmas gift, but has taken on a life of its own & might need to be repurposed (because the intended recipient might not want to drown in yarn). We shall see!

Last Saturday I was very productive, but other than laundry & grocery shopping, this weekend all I’ve done is crochet, read, and play on my iPad. Life is all about balance, right? That’s a story that I tell myself anyway. What have you been avoiding this weekend?


  1. Beautiful crochet squares. They'll make a lovely blanket. How are they joined together?

  2. Thanks Pam! I'm using the Celtic Lace Join (see here: Maybe I'll try to do a video - ha!

  3. Your crochet projects are lovely. I tried to switch from knitting because crochet is more forgiving and faster. But I couldn't get the hang of holding the yarn and needle in different ways.

  4. I always say I dont understand how hair stylists can get hair THAT straight. Its pretty magical to me.

  5. I love love love all the gifts you got from your boss! Those brandy-filled chocolates are very yummy! I always buy a few boxes for gifts at Trader Joe's or a liquor store.

    So...did you give them to Dr. M?

  6. it's all about balance. in the waiting room of one of my doctor appts earlier this year and a guy noticed my yin/yang tattoo and asked me what it meant (I think he was asking if I knew what it meant). the perfect balance between opposites or opposing forces, I told him. I think he was surprised that I knew what it meant.

  7. That looks like a '55 or '56 Chevy, if my memory serves. And I like your hair in that "playin' hookey from work" picture.

  8. Love the napping banjo pic! Instruments need a break too, ha!
    You are the hairiest bug I know ;-) i.e. you have been blessed with wonderful hair!
    Still have gorgeous flowers?

  9. German chocolate is the best! Wife brought home some German-Swiss chocolate from her last trip to Geneva. The kids and I has small wars over them.


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