Sunday, January 5, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week One

Today I had my last holiday event of the year & boy am I ever glad! I’m looking forward to boring old January & February. Sheesh!
Sunday, December 29th                                                   
It was POURING down rain when I got to church. I very seriously considered just turning around & going back home, but I had some schmoozing to do so I went on in.

Monday, December 30th                   
This thing was making the rounds on Instagram, where this program would tell you which Harry Potter character you are. I was pretty chuffed that it decided I was Harry.

Tuesday, December 31st                                                       
I went to my cousin’s New Year’s Eve party & had a great time. This year I even (not really, but sort of) made it to round two of the ping pong tournament. Well, I lost in round one, but they took pity on me & let me play in round two too.

Wednesday, January 1st – Happy New Year!                                                 
Dr. M went to his dad’s & had lunch.

And my plan was to stay RIGHT HERE in my jammies for the day.

But instead I went to my dad’s to visit with them & my nephew & his girlfriend (I left my jammies on). I played some ping pong with my dad (he got a table for Christmas & I plan to get over there as often as possible so I can make it higher in the tournament next year). While I was there I took a couple of pictures of my Christmas gift from my nephew – SUPER COOL!

After I got home I made a couple of things for the office Christmas party, which had been postponed due to TOO MUCH FOOD before Christmas.

Thursday, January 2nd  
I saw this driving to work today – I think we have that exact same lamb in our house.

Friday, January 3rd                                                               
Dr. M accidentally broke one of our ornaments today. He had this to say about it: Tonight I clumsily broke a 50 year old glass ornament. It hurt my heart...would that all of us would feel so sensitive about each other and our planet!

Saturday, January 4th               
Today I went to church to set up for our Vegetarian Potluck on Sunday. We had folks try to do meatless Mondays during Advent & decided to have a potluck so we could share our favorite recipes. I carted a table and dishes (the real deal) up from the basement & rearranged things & washed dishes, and basically got all of my steps for the day during the couple of hours I spent there. I was worried that people wouldn’t fix food, and I was worried that people wouldn’t come, but (spoiler alert!), it was a success! Plenty of food & plenty of fellowship. You’ll get to see those pictures next week.

Meanwhile, Dr. M spent some more time with his dad & got to see critters on his way home. Floofs & flocks!

It’s going to be weird having to work for five straight days. And then there is a church council retreat on Saturday. It’s entirely possible that I will fluff off on Sunday & do nothing. I am putting all the usual suspects on notice – you may or may not see me. How about you? Are things back to normal in your neck of the woods?


  1. Does anyone even know what day it is yet? I am so confused, and Rick being home for post-op recovery is making it worse. The holidays bewilder and befuddle me.

    Your contribution for vegetarian potluck looks good!

  2. OK - so tell me - how do you get those Harry POtter / Disney things that are going around on Instagram. I'm apparently 150 years old & cant figure it out

  3. I didn't get out of my comfy lay around the house clothes on new years day either even though I went over to my sister's house to deal with the cats. who would see? nobody. almost back to normal here.

  4. Having the "holidays" in the middle of weeks was definitely confusing, even to retirees like us.

  5. We have come to realize there is no "normal" for us. We just move forward one day at a time. Midweek holidays one after the other make a mess of routine.

  6. Yeah...this working five days a week is the pits! But I guess that means "back to normal." Sigh.

  7. Never done the Harry Potter character assignment. The Star Trek version of the same thing said I was Captain Johnathan Archer.

  8. Your first week sounded full, as usual. This being the 12th, I am just now back to normal. Yay!


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