Sunday, January 19, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Three

Last week I had two days with no pictures, but I made up for it this week. Yay for you?
Sunday, January 12th                                                   
I skipped church today & spent some time with my dad. I am determined to be a better player for the next tournament.

Then Dr. M & I went on a ramble & came home & sat in the swing in the back yard for a while. What a gorgeous day!

I enjoyed it so much that I brought a crochet project out. I had figured out the day before that I was reading the pattern incorrectly so I had a good ole’ time frogging about half of it.

Monday, January 13th                   
There were just four of us at Family Mexican night. We had a good time!

Tuesday, January 14th                                                        
From Facebook: What’s wrong with this picture? The cup of water that I filled on FRIDAY, intending to water my plant. My poor plant has been staring at it for 4 days. I’m a plant torturer. 

Wednesday, January 15th                                                   
I was commiserating with my sister-in-law about short girl problems, so I texted her this picture of my foot rest under my desk.

Thursday, January 16th   
New hairs!

The plants in our yard have been so confused. (Note: the camellia in the bottom right is from a bush at work).

The key to a successful marriage? His and hers ear buds. Ha!

Oh, and today is Dragon Appreciation Day!

Friday, January 17th                                                                
Oh my goodness I opened a firestorm with this picture! I posted it on Facebook saying that I had been working really hard to fit back into this denim jumper, but that now I’m wondering why. Here are some of the comments: “I don’t think this denim jumper adequately expresses your verve or cheeky playfulness.” “It's a bit frumpy, IMO” “You going for the Free Will Baptist look? Asking for a fundamentalist friend....” So I will be putting it in the donation box. Maybe. I might ignore everyone I save it for summer. 

Then I posted this photo & apparently stonewashed denim is also not a good idea. However, this skirt has sentimental value, so I’m definitely keeping it.

Saturday, January 18th               
I pulled this project out & started working on it again. It’s been in a basket for about 2 years.

Dr. M cooked a fabulous meal tonight with some of our Misfit Market veggies.

And I looked up how to slice a mango. We sure know how to have an exciting Saturday night!

Today we said goodbye to our pastor. He’s been at the church for 6 years, but he and his family are moving back to Pennsylvania. We had a good service and reception for him, and now we get to do the work of calling someone new. But in happier news, I have tomorrow off. I’m going to spend the time cleaning my house. Do you get the day off & if so, what exciting plans do you have?


  1. I, for one, love all your pictures and am always happy when you have extra. :-)

    Your new hair looks great!

    I'm back to work tomorrow. MLK Day is not a holiday for us. Sigh.

  2. The denim skirt looks good; the jumper - not so much. I like your dragon!

  3. that's almost the best way to cut a mango. try this...cut the mango lengthwise along the edge of the pit. then take a large spoon and slip it in the slice concave side down and run it over the side of the pit separating that half from the pit. repeat on the other side. then slice each half into cubes as you did. turn the cubed halves inside out which separates the cubes and makes them stand out and run your thumb along the peel under the cubes to detach them from the peel.

  4. Just read that Vanna White (of Wheel of Fortune) crochets in her spare time.

  5. The Lord you will have with you always but your time with your father is limited. I'm sure the Lord gives you his blessing to miss church now and then to spend time with your him.

  6. Hey, you're still blogging! I want to jump back in... but I can't log into my account, lol. Stay tuned!

  7. I’m a plant torturer.

    No worries, my wife is a plant murderer. In fact I apologize to the plants she buys when they reach the house.


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