Sunday, February 9, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Six

We had another crazy weather week, with temps in the 70s early in the week and back down to something more seasonal later in the week. In addition, we had torrential rain, tornado warnings, and snow.  But enough about politics…
Sunday, February 2nd                                                    
I took my prayer shawl to church on Sunday where two of the holiest ladies I know prayed over it. It’s on its way to its recipient now – hopefully it will bring her and her family some comfort.

Later that day I made the apple cake that Bruce Taylor posted on his blog and it was GOOD ya’ll!

Monday, February 3rd                     
This warm weather has our yard thinking it’s spring!

Tuesday, February 4th                                                         
Dr. M’s clever arrangement of tomatoes (from Misfits Market of course) – they’ve ripened nicely on the edge of that cutting board.

Wednesday, February 5th                                                    
I ordered this yarn on November 30th, but the first order was apparently lost and it took a while to sort it out. So glad to finally have it! I was planning to use to make more Christmas baubles – I guess I just didn’t know for which Christmas.

Thursday, February 6th     
Dr. M used more veggies from our box to make me a fabulous chicken soup. YUM!

Friday, February 7th                                                                 
I posted this on Instagram & FB talking about how I had solved the problem of flipping a fried egg, but I wasn’t exactly clear. I just crack the egg into the pan, add salt & pepper, and then put a lid on it & let it cook. Works great! I do have to be careful to not overcook it or I won’t have a runny yolk like I like it – I cook it on medium & check it frequently.

We wore red to work to raise awareness of heart disease. I’m in the upper left of the photo, wearing jeans & a solid red shirt.

Saturday, February 8th                
We had a cute little snow and I finished A Gentleman in Moscow and I LOVED it. I highly recommend it (but my feelings won’t be hurt if you don’t like it – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea).

Dr. M made another excellent meal with our box ingredients. That cubed stuff is celery root. Celery root! I had no idea that was even a thing. It sort of reminded us of eggplant in texture. We also had spaghetti squash and pasta sauce with veggie crumbles.

On the one hand, I would love to have tomorrow off from work. On the other hand, except for excursions to vacuum and go to church, my butt has been basically glued to my recliner for two days. It would like to sit in another venue. How about you? Are you ready for the week ahead?


  1. What a giving person you are!

    Your meals look awesome. Would be perfect for this house.

  2. I've printed that apple cake recipe because it looks so delish.

    I remember coming to the States and talking about celery - and then I was surprised that people were talking about weird green stalks. I'd never heard of that! All I knew was the root - usually cut into julienne strips and eaten as a salad in Germany.

    Love that photograph for heart disease awareness!

  3. I love the picture of everyone in red to remind people about heart disease. We are having spring (off and on) here. Right now, it's more on but it's also humid, drizzly, overcast. Ugh - not conducive to yard work. The prayer shawl is beautiful - lovely colors and texture.

  4. love your pile of yarn.

    so is that egg fried or steamed?

  5. I've heard that "A Gentleman in Moscow" is really good. I've got it on my list! I'd be in trouble if I had to wear red to work -- I don't think I own a single item of red clothing. (It's not my color. :) )

  6. Oh my goodness - what a blessing that shawl will be to the recipients!!! So special!!!
    & all that yarn!! its gorgeous with all the colors - so many options.

  7. We had spring for a day and that was it. Snow twice and rain almost every single day. Send us some sunshine, please. Love your prayer shawls. What a nice thing to do.

  8. I was so taken with you all in red it took me two more looks to figure out you were standing in the shape of a heart. I can be slow, for sure.
    That apple cake looks good, but I have a recipe for an apple cake that doesn't require peeling. That's a plus, in my book. It's also a one bowl recipe, and uses cinnamon, which is another plus. Here's the recipe.

    That shawl is gorgeous -- such colors! It's like Joseph's coat.

  9. My wife read "A Gentleman Man in Moscow" during the cruise but traded it with another passenger. I wanted to read it but she saw I had five unread books and so its gone.


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