Sunday, March 15, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Eleven

What a weird week! I’m writing my post on Sunday morning because our church service has been canceled. In addition to almost all large gatherings near & far. Including my beloved baseball and only slightly less beloved hockey. I hope that all of these preventive measures actually work - & I 100% think that they were necessary, but I also feel a little fatalistic about it all. As in, is it too little too late? Also, if these measures DO work, will there be a public outcry that they weren’t really necessary (because you can’t prove a negative)? It all kind of makes my head hurt, so I’ve mostly been reading and playing games on my iPad. (Note: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is so so good!)
Sunday, March 8th                                                        
Finished! When I posted these pictures I said that I wasn’t sure where I would ever wear this thing, but then I wore it to work on Friday (with jeans & my Keds).

The moon!

Monday, March 9th                       
We had stored Big Red, the mower, at Dr. M’s dad’s house & today he brought it home. It was a lovely day!

Tuesday, March 10th                                                          
This is the only photo I have from today – a screen shot of the Gallup poll I was participating in. This question made me laugh because I work for the City of Hickory. But it’s true – I would encourage my friends & family to use our services! (The answer would have been the same for my last job at Old Hickory Tannery – you may recall the fantastic furniture they make).  

Wednesday, March 11th                                                    
I had a bit of a rough morning. First of all, during an emergency bang cutting session, I cut the palm of my hand with the scissors. (Note: the bandage is overkill for the tiny cut, but I was trying to find something that would stay put. Do you know how hard it was to keep a bandage on that cut during all the multitudinous handwashing that was going on?) Then I had to go for mammogram #2 because they saw something on the first one (calcifications). I wasn’t super stressed because this is basically par for the course for me, but it was nice to find out right away that there’s nothing to worry about. I go back in 6 months.

Thursday, March 12th     
The only picture from today is the pig candy that my friend sent me last week. It’s actually pretty good!

Friday, March 13th                                                                   
Here I am in all my glory. I felt kind of ridiculous, which is sad because this is the kind of fashion that I always want to wear but am apparently too timid.

Our most recent veggie delivery. Yum!

I bought another pair of Feryl Designs earrings. She keeps having sales & I keep seeing things I “have” to have.

Saturday, March 14th                  
We took lunch to Dr. M’s dad today. Then I did some cleaning while Dr. M went to get groceries. This is the toilet paper aisle at the Bi-Lo. I am so very confused about the TP situation. Then he came back & mowed. He didn’t mow this terribly cute grape hyacinth.

I really struggled about what to do about Dr. M’s dad. He’s almost 88 and diabetic, but otherwise in really good physical health. But he’s exactly the kind of person who could be adversely infected by a coronavirus carrier. But he really can’t live in isolation, nor would he understand why we weren’t visiting him. I just washed my hands a lot and tried not to get too close to him.

Now I’m off to do church online. What are you doing during these crazy days?


  1. I don't get the toilet paper thing either. The whole world has gone crazy.

    YAY for saving the grape hyacinth! And you should NOT feel ridiculous for that outfit -- I think it's quite eye-catching and stylish. (Better with the black in the top photo than the jeans/keds combo, though, IMHO.) A great conversation piece!

  2. Panic set in over night in my area Thursday and getting worse by Friday. Before that a large number of people were parroting the Fox News/trump "its all a hoax" talking points.

    Walked into the local Publix Saturday morning and the meat section was picked clean along with 2/3 of the canned good. Toilet paper was still available though, which I honestly found surprising given the reports.

  3. I cut my palm once, and you have my sympathy. Those cuts are painful, and hard to heal. I've got a split on one finger now that refuses to heal. I think it's just because it's my index finger, and I'm using it (i.e., bending it) all the time. Maybe I need to put it in a splint.

    I really like that black and white photo of you, and the crocheted "whatever" is great. What do you call that? It's not a vest, unless it's a butt vest. Anyway: I like it.

  4. OH MY GOSH - I am LOVING your creation! Its gorgeous!!!! & man, you worked that up so fast!!!! Speedy needles.
    Also loving your earrings!!!

  5. Your crochet creation is truly a work of art. You made it so quickly, too! It's very boho.

    I'm envious of your fresh veg box. All of it looks wonderful.

    I sympathize with you about your father-in-law. It's such a prickly situation. How do you not go and help him out when he obviously needs care? This whole thing is such a surreal and scary disruption to so many parts of our lives.

  6. love the earrings and a great selection of veggies. I do not get the toilet paper hoarding. do people think they need a year or two's worth stocked up?

  7. Oh, we are surviving the survivalists in grocery stosres.

  8. As a friend in North Carolina told me today, "hunkering down".

  9. I don't understand the whole hoarding concept. I saw a guy with a basket filled to brimming with paper products. No food. Do you suppose he eats paper? Our shelves look the same at both Walmart and the grocery store - empty. Weirdness out there.


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