Sunday, March 1, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Nine

Part of my Lenten practice this year is to stop playing games on my iPad in the evenings. Therefore, you will most likely see a lot more crochet on here for the next few weeks. It would be smart for me to use this time to get a head start on my Christmas gifts, or to finish up some WIPs. But no, I’m currently working on something brand new. Granted, I did buy the yarn for it before Christmas, so it was sort of a WIP, in utero if you will. Ha!
Sunday, February 23rd                                                      
The only picture from today – a Sunday selfie. You will see a terrifying version of this picture later this week.

Monday, February 24th                      
My Valentine flowers, some daffodils from the yard, and our NSFW anthurium.

Tuesday, February 25th                                                         
No picture, but I do have this blast from the past. In Facebook’s infancy there was a game you could play (Superpoke Pets) where you created rooms and outfits, and got to play with your pet. I had a penguin named Fig. This is Dr. M’s sheep, Clem, ready for Mardi Gras. Aw, I miss playing with Fig!

Wednesday, February 26th                                                    
Today during lunch I finished up a pillow for my office! I love how it turned out. The lighter blue side was just a sort of afterthought (I ran out of the dark blue yarn I was using), but I love it best – the texture and the look.

Thursday, February 27th     
I put a question out to the interwebs about which project I should use this yarn for. Although there was some concern about putting a target on my butt, the overwhelming favorite was the long vest (the one on the bottom left).

The moon calls to Dr. M & he can’t help but swoon…

Venus and the moon.

Friday, February 28th                                                                   
Our veggie shipment! This week we added on some black bean soup mix.

Oh the humanity! I’m being a drama queen (as usual), but when I used Pantene’s go grey app (click here if you dare), I decided that I’m definitely not ready to embrace the gray!

Saturday, February 29th                  
As soon as I decided which pattern to use, I started making my butt target vest right away!

Night sky – that photo on the left is “my” sky – my favorite ombre’…

I’ve had a good day today. I sang at the nursing home and then skipped church so Dr. M & I could take a ramble. We saw horses, and sheep, and cows, and traveled curvy roads up hill and dale. And then he took me to get more yarn and an early birthday cake (red velvet – yum!). I’m planning to spend the evening crocheting and avoiding overdosing on cake. What are you up to?



    I spent the weekend playing with the most adorable granddaughter you can imagine. She is so sweet and loving and I had a blast.

    Glad you got to go for a ramble and especially glad you got red velvet cake.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I think you look good with grey hair. Who knows, you might go silver/platinum, and look quite shiny.

    And you know me, I love a post that includes cake! If there were a picture, that would have been better, but even a mention is good.

  3. that crescent moon and Venus were outstanding this week.

  4. If you do go grey, just mix some purple and pink into it. I'm constantly seeing ladies in the supermarket who do just that and I usually compliment them on it.

  5. Happy birthday! Our bestest ice cream brand, Bluebell, has a new flavor out: Red Velvet cake! Maybe I'll see if they have it in pints, just to try it out in your honor.

    I laughed at your comment about giving up online games. I just made the move from Windows7 to Windows10, and the very worst part of the change was discovering that they've taken my Freecell away from me. What they have available now has graphics and animations and ads, and the only way to get rid of the ads is to pay those creeps a fee. I tried using the program as is, and after a few days I just deleted the danged thing. There's so much bloatware in Win10 it's pathetic. Grump grump.

  6. Quite an exciting read , dear!! I could feel every bit of energy you have in you while reading this. The double shade blue pillow is impressive, but I loved the wall hangings even more! I was about to recommend you the best choice for the yarn only to find later that you are already in the middle of crocheting my favorite pick. Finally, You look amazing in gray!! Keep feeding us with great posts dear!!

  7. The Lenten period helps us to devote our time to useful things. I have decided to join the nearby Music institute in Coimbatore during this lenten period. Wonderful crocheting mam. The pillow looks amazing. Thanks for your inspiring post. Looking forward to your future posts.


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