Sunday, March 29, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Thirteen

On Friday our governor issued a “Stay at Home” order effective Monday March 30th, but as a support person for essential personnel my life will continue to be about the same as usual. And Dr. M’s life is pretty much the same too – forage for groceries and take care of his Pop. But I’ve noticed that I’m extra exhausted because I store all of my stress in my body and my goodness this Coronavirus situation is stressful. I’m also worried because I’ve never been much of a germophobe so all of these extra precautions feel unnatural and I’m not sure I even know what I’m doing. What I’m saying is, if we should happen to meet you might want to extend the 6-foot rule a little bit further just to be on the safe side.
Sunday, March 22nd                                                         
I pulled out my Book of Common Prayer to do evening prayer & found these babies.

Monday, March 23rd                        
Dr. M said that the grocery store might be out of a lot of things, but it was not out of asparagus!

Tuesday, March 24th                                                          
No picture! (However, we made up for this fact by taking a bajillion the rest of the week.)

Wednesday, March 25th                                                    
Socially distant walk.

Thursday, March 26th     
Seen around the yard.

I gave blood that evening. It still amazes me every time I do it. I hate needles!

Friday, March 27th                                                                   
I took a walk at work during lunch. It was a gorgeous day!

Dr. M has been feeding me very well!

Saturday, March 28th                  
I had one of my childhood favorites for breakfast: PB&J & Bologna & Cheese sandwich. True confession: I had the same thing again for dinner. Ha!

Dr. M’s mother’s azalea is blooming!

The Roy came by for a visit.


You may have noticed a lack of crochet this week. I did work on a couple of things yesterday, but my brain has been so scattered that I can’t seem to concentrate on much once I get home from work. I’ve tried to read some, but mainly I’ve been playing games on my iPad. It’s about all the bandwidth I’ve got right now. How are you coping with these strange times?


  1. Interesting that you are still going in to work. Will that change tomorrow with the new directives? I love how spring has really come to your area. We hope it will be here soon.

  2. How are you coping with these strange times?

    Double Stuff Oreo Cookies. I do wish I could drink a little beer though.

  3. Is that chicken or fish with that asparagus and rice? It looks delicious whatever it is. What doesn't look delicious is that sandwich. I'm as much a fan of pb&j as anyone, and fried bologna on white with mayo is a fav, too, but putting them together is -- well, it seems odd. But if it works for you, hooray!

  4. That sandwich...I can't even.

    Asparagus is bountiful here, too. We just had it on the grill last night.

    I haven't been able to read, either, and I'd just gotten back to it! I'm lacking the concentration now, what with all this tension. I'm trying, but I'm not one to force it; reading should be a pleasure and not a chore.

    So I walk and meditate and like you, play word games on my tablet or phone. And write in my journal. And hope.

  5. That's pretty much my mood, too. And I can identify with being fed VERY well! It's causing me some stress! LOL

  6. Heya, that asparagus looked delicious. I hope you are doing ok, the stress is all very wearying. Hope you all get through it all ok.

  7. Playing a lot of solitaire on the computer. Watching tv. Trying to avoid the news as much as possible while staying informed.

  8. PB&J with bologna and cheese? I will give that a try. Being a fan of all the ingredients, I don't see how that can go wrong.

  9. Beautiful Spring at your house. Our blooming flowers are almost gone in favor of blooming trees. Not nearly so pleasant - the car is yellow, actually the car is silver but with the pollen - yellow.


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