Sunday, March 22, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Twelve

You thought last week was weird? This week said Hold My Beer! Although it was mostly weird for other people. I still went to work – the main difference being that I used a LOT more hand sanitizer. And I have to admit that I was feeling salty about it. I mean, if you ignore the reason for all this social distancing it’s an introvert’s dream!  I was reading all these tips for “what to do with your down time” and “how to not be bored” and “10 productive things you can do” and “you shouldn’t feel guilty for not doing anything” and thinking to myself in my most snarky voice, whatEVER. But I have spent a day and a half in my home, pretty much doing what I do every weekend, and I am now ready to go back to my office.

Simmering underneath all of this is the very real fear that we are just at the beginning of something terrible and what will life look like in a month, or 6 weeks, or a year? So many people who are dying, and the ones who get the virus and live may not return to full health. And all the economic ramifications. And there’s no baseball. It is all terrible and hard. And yet we still live our lives.
Sunday, March 15th                                                        
Dr. M mowed for the first time this season and I went out to commemorate the occasion whereupon I found this lovely surprise!

Squirrel shenanigans

Monday, March 16th                       
Spring doesn’t care about human illnesses.

I started a new project.

Tuesday, March 17th                                                          
During these dire times I do have my priorities in order: I weighed various skirts & pants to see which one would be the optimal “weigh-in” outfit for today.

Dr. M went scavenging & found treasure!

And Ms. Pinky & Miss Rita were sprung from their bathtub prison!

Wednesday, March 18th                                                    
Here is the ancestral phlox in its original setting (Dr. M’s dad’s yard). It used to cover the bank there, but this is the only patch that’s left. It’s where Dr. M got ours (that you can see in Monday’s picture). It has definitely grown from the tiny cutting that Dr. M brought home in a cup!

Steve Reed uses the Waterlogue app sometimes to paintify photos. I decided to download it myself & was playing around today.

Thursday, March 19th     
A cautionary tale: when you’re buying the giant container of fat free Greek yogurt, make sure that it’s PLAIN and not vanilla, or you will have a very weird dinner. I was eating a sweet potato with black beans, onions, & bbq sauce & thought I’d put a dollop of Greek yogurt on it. I just about accused Dr. M of putting brown sugar on the potato before I figured out what was wrong.

Friday, March 20th                                                                   
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and Red-bellied Woodpecker. It can be a little rackety around here.

Date night! One of my favorite guilty pleasure movies (Battleship) and crochet.

Saturday, March 14th                  
I spent most of the day outside – either on the deck or in our swing under the tree out back. It was a lovely day!

This kept popping up on my watch. As if I needed reminding. It’s been 15 years now, and I miss my mother every day - especially since I moved back home. She’s everywhere and nowhere. Love you Momcat.

I did church online this morning. You know, it seems somehow appropriate that all of this madness is happening during the season of Lent. I’m being forced to slow down and reflect. On the other hand, the internet is full of things to make us feel better about the human race. Here’s a link to something that made me smile. Do you have examples as well?


  1. Ohio's governor just issued a statewide stay at home order, effective midnight tomorrow, until April 6. There are, however, so many exceptions, that it's almost pointless.

    So jealous of you, mowing and looking at flowers! I am impatiently waiting for my tulips and daffodils to mature and bloom. I am impatiently waiting to get my two Boston ferns back out on the front porch (they're dropping leaflets all over my dining room!).

    I did hear that we are getting an early and unseasonably warm Spring. I shall try to be patient, knowing that.

  2. these days aren't much different than my regular days. I'm glad the bathroom is done so no trips out ot big stores need be done. I like your waterlogue pic.

  3. Ireland calls the plant "seamrogh" or shamrock. I put one in a planter and it is marvelous.

  4. Lovely pictures of spring at your house. What is your new project going to be - at first I thought - snowflake ornaments but probably not. The biggest difference I feel at the "self isolation" is, now all I want to do is go to the store or other people places (kinda like when your computer is down - everything you need to do is on the computer!).

  5. You definitely need to delete the ugly comment from anonymous and think about changing your settings so no anonymous comments are allowed. Glad you had a real taste of spring. We did as well but now it's back to chilly and rain. Again.

  6. One effect of the various stay-at-home orders is that people are posting a LOT more. There's no way to keep up with two and three posts a day from people! If I tried, I'd not have time to post anything myself.

    We just got put on lockdown today -- county wide. We are allowed to be outside for individual activity. I take that to mean I can keep right on working. Ain't nobody around the boats but me, the fish, and the birds!

  7. Dr. M went scavenging & found treasure!

    We stocked up right before the pandemic panic hit. It will be interesting a week or so from now when we've got to find more.


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