Sunday, July 26, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Thirty

Well, this was another weird week. Baseball started, but it’s weird (and also I’m not sure how I feel about getting enjoyment from athletes doing something that could be dangerous to their health). My doctor gave me a new allergy med to try (I keep losing my voice - & I’ve probably been taking Claritin for over 10 years), but it makes me a little bit loopy (see Saturday’s pictures). That was weird. I keep not reading the book that I was so excited to get – I guess I don’t want it to end? That’s weird. And I haven’t picked up a crochet hook since last Sunday. Definitely weird!

Sunday, July 19th                                                              
I spent some time with Dad & Sue. Here he is giving me some of his garlic. Does anyone else need any? He has a TON.

Made another little gnome – I like this guy a lot better!

Monday, July 20th                            
The only picture from the day – mid-morning snack: green Thai mango (speaking of weird – that is a really weird fruit!), nectarine, and pecans.

Tuesday, July 21st                                                                  
New jewelry from Feryl Designs. I know I say it every time, but this might be my favorite yet!


Wednesday, July 22nd                                                          
When I’m at work I put my mask on & take it off many times a day – I don’t wear it if I’m in my office alone. This time my boss started laughing when I walked into her office. 

Thursday, July 23rd         
Morning glorious!

Friday, July 24th                                                                      
Dr. M ordered some Carolina Hurricanes masks (our local hockey team). And apparently even the stuffed animals in our house have to suit up. Ha!

Saturday, July 25th                
Day three of the new allergy med. This is basically what I looked like most of the day. Got nothing done (which is nothing new, but this time I had an excuse!).

I went back to using Claritin last night & today I’ve: washed the sheets & bath mats, dusted, cleaned the bathrooms, cleaned the kitchen counters (moved all the stuff & cleaned under it), and vacuumed & mopped. Sadly, I did not go visit Dad & Sue like I’d planned, but I’ll catch up with them later this week. Did you get everything done this week that you wanted to?


  1. I hate when meds make me sleepy or dizzy. I take them at night to mitigate that effect. Then it's like a bonus: two meds in one!

    I did get a few things done this week that needed to be done. We had my mother spend the weekend with us to give my brother a break, so some other things had to wait. But she enjoyed herself, so it was worth it.

    And I got to see the grand-dog, too. Yay!

  2. yes I did except that there was nothing I wanted to do.

  3. Ugh -- there's nothing worse than that sleepy feeling from medicines. (Well, actually, there probably ARE worse things, but it's bad.) Is a Thai mango different from other mangoes?

  4. Steve - it is crunchier. It has a very vague mango flavor, but mostly tastes kind of nutty. It's interesting.

  5. No, I really didn't get much of what I wanted to do accomplished. As usual for me if I wanted to get tasks A thru Z done, somewhere around E or F I get sidetracked.

  6. I love me some morning glories!!!!
    Your necklaces - I need more of those - they always look so cute on you!
    Love your little crochet gnome <3

  7. Cute little gnome.
    Thought of you when I heard of crocheted/knit masks that you can breathe through, LOL!
    Sorry about your allergies :-(


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