Sunday, July 12, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Twenty-eight

Last week I ranted about the Blogger changes & several of you mentioned sticking with the OG version. I shall try going back to that today & see what happens. If I’m unsuccessful please expect a rant next week. (To be clear, there might be a rant next week whether or not Blogger cooperates because rants are a dime a dozen around here these days).
Sunday, July 5th                                                              
Dr. M & I are always excited to see a hummingbird visit our hanging baskets! Please enjoy these not very fabulous pictures.

Monday, July 6th                            
After the long weekend, I forgot how to office so I left my lunch (a frozen dinner) at home. Fortunately I remembered all this lovely fruit!

Tuesday, July 7th                                                                 

Wednesday, July 8th                                                          
New mask – I think it’s perfect!

Thursday, July 9th        
Took a selfie to remind people what I look like without a mask. My cousin Josh said, The last thing a Cheeto sees?" I had to show him what I had on my desk at that exact moment. Ha!

My boss gave us gaiters in case we liked the style better. I like it, but I think Dr. M will find it a lot more useful – it covers his whole beard!

Friday, July 10th                                                                      
Another day, another new mask. That makes three “fun” ones and a couple of more utilitarian ones. I think I’m set now!

A different type of visitor to our hanging basket.

Saturday, July 11th                
Our morning glories have been quite lovely. And the little wildflower planters are fun too. Dr. M spent a good couple of hours trying to figure out what the pink ones are – Silene Armeria, aka Sweet William Catchfly, or Garden Catchfly. The blue ones are cornflowers.

Almost forgot to do the photo shoot for this scarf. I took a jillion pictures because I was trying to capture the green – it kept looking gray. This one definitely has wool in it, so you won't see it again for about 6 months. 

It seems like every day there is some new insane thing to shake my head about. So many outrages and injustices – it boggles the mind! I try not to think about what our country will look like if we reelect our current “president.” Today I’m in “wear my mask & let the idiots fall where they may” mode. Tomorrow? There may be ranting!


  1. I try to keep my rants to just Judy and since we share the same views it doesn't cause any/many problems. Those blue cornflowers are INTENSE!

  2. Pretty scarf/shawl. I can see the green!

    Go ahead and rant. You're among friends here, and it is your blog. There is no low to which 45* will not sink, and his enablers go right down with him. Shame on them all.

  3. Bravo for moving beyond the oh-so-tempting rants! Beautiful flowers and hummingbirds, and I ALSO bought a mask by that same "alien" guy! Mine hasn't arrived yet, though. I will be sure to share a photo when it does.

  4. I've given up on the new blogger. I tried it three or four times and each time I had to revert to the legacy version to get my pictures and spacing and formatting right. it would do things like center a paragraph of text and nothing I could do would change it to left registered. each time I sent feedback telling them how much I hated it and why. apparently I'm not the only one as they have decided to continue to make the legacy version available.

    nice to see all your flowers. only the hardiest drought and heat tolerant things are blooming here now.

  5. Look at all that fruit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I can taste it just looking at it

  6. Lovely flowers at your house. Funny how masks have become a fashion statement!

  7. The hanging flower baskets are impressive. I especially like the squirrel pic.
    Love morning glories.

  8. Not feeling any warm fuzzies over the changes to Blogger and have changed back to the old format.

    I get sick to my stomach thinking of the Orange Buffoon getting another term.


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