Sunday, July 19, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Twenty-nine

This week my cousins and I decided to cancel our annual family Thanksgiving (we often have nearly 40 people at the gathering). As we get closer to the time, if the weather cooperates, we might try to do some socially distant thing like having it outside, each family bringing their own food, etc. I’m sad about it, but on the other hand I like not having to figure out a location this year. (I takes my silver linings where I can gets them people!)
Sunday, July 12th                                                              
I have two videos for you today. In this first one you can see a hummingbird moth enjoying the wildflowers. That was fun! (I’m also including some not very good photos.)

Today I was the “lector” for our online church. The version of the scripture that our pastor selected was very interesting. You should at least listen long enough to get the gist. It was tricky!

Monday, July 13th                            
Dr. M continues to feed me VERY well. Isn’t this tomato zucchini squash casserole pretty?

Tuesday, July 14th                                                                 
I was talking to my dad about how it’s been fun watching all these Braves reruns – they never show a game where the Braves lose. He said it’s like watching a Hallmark movie. Ha!

I was SO EXCITED for this book to finally be released! It’s the 16th one in the series. The last one was released in 2014. I actually had to triple check because I can’t believe it’s been that long.

Wednesday, July 15th                                                          
These are things that Dr. M saw at his one-year appointment with his surgeon. His x-ray looked great & they’ve released him to continue to heal. His surgeon said that it could take 18 months to really start feeling completely healed.

A blog friend sent these ear savers! Her husband runs a robotics program for teens & pivoted to making these when coronavirus hit. I have a couple of masks that are too loose, so these will be a big help. I passed them out at work and gave some to friends and family. Thanks Rita!

Thursday, July 16th        
From Facebook: Morning snafu. I don’t like dry shampoo, so on days I don’t wash my hair I spray that body mist on it. When I DO wash my hair I use the sea salt spray (smells like coconut!) to let it air dry with texture. This morning I washed my hair & then accidentally spritzed away with the body mist instead of the sea salt spray. Used WAY MORE than usual. Then I used the sea salt spray. That extremely long explanation is just so I can say this: I smell like an over ripe tropical fruit salad today. I would like to formally apologize to my coworkers.

Friday, July 17th                                                                      
Dr. M went to see his dad and on his way home he found a field of zinnias!

I posted this on Instagram & Facebook after much soul searching and deliberation. Not because I don’t believe every word, but because I didn’t want to deal with any backlash. Despite having very strong opinions, I do NOT like conflict at all. However, I really have such lovely friends – if any of them disagreed they kept it to themselves.

Gave blood on my way home. Word to the wise: don’t give blood when you’re hungry. I did fine until I was changing clothes after I got home – almost passed out & terrified Dr. M.

Saturday, July 18th                
Experiment. Things I like: cute & quick. Things I don’t like (about this particular one): Too white! The gray beard looks weird. I didn’t put the nose close enough to the hat. I’m already working on the next one – you’ll see it next week.

Although my personal week was fine, it’s been a hard week for our nation. I spend half my time with my head in the sand & the other half posting WAKE UP PEOPLE memes on Instagram. How are you coping?


  1. I appreciate you taking a strong stand and posting the Voting Blue statement to your social media. Although I am not as conflict averse as you are, I understand how difficult that must have been for you. That was Fine, Important Work you did. Thank you.

    Your vegetable casserole sounds terrific. Rick and I eat vegetarian a few times a week now. We find it easier on our bodies and much tastier and lighter during this hot summer.

    Good for you, getting through that tongue-twisting reading! Yikes, what a toughie.

    Stay safe and stay strong.

  2. we all need to know where we stand these days and then stand up. thank you for standing up.

  3. Your Gnome!!!! So cute!
    GIRL... that faint feeling - that's me virtually every single day.
    I need to get The Hubs some of those mask ear saver things - I've seen some on Etsy. I know I'll need some when I go back to the office too

  4. Very interesting (and sibilant) Bible reading! LOVE the hummingbird moth -- I'm so glad you got a video of it so we can see the movement.

    To me it seems entirely sensible that Christians would not want to support Trump, who is surely one of the least Christian leaders we've ever had.

  5. I had to laugh at your lector reading. That minister has a sense of humor. But you did a great job and it was great to hear your voice. Bravo!

  6. So glad that Dr. M got a good report at the doc's, and equally glad that you didn't pass out after giving blood. That's a tricky business. I loved hearing your voice, so pleasant. I want you to know that I could eat at least half of that tomato-zucchini squash casserole. It's right up our alley.

  7. You're very welcome! Hope the ear savers are working for you.
    I listened to a bit of the reading. Interesting version.
    I am always blessed when I read Scripture in church!
    Just found #1 of Jim Butcher series audiobook and didn't need to place a hold. Hope to enjoy it as much as you have.

  8. Coping is problematic for me given the people I work around. It astonishes me how much of trump's flaws they overlook while mouthing his talking points.

    It's going to be a long difficult stretch to November.

  9. There are much worse things to smell like than a fruit salad! Cheap perfume comes to mind. I don't care for conflict either however I do believe everyone should be comfortable speaking out concerning their beliefs - religious or political. You know - there's another Dresden book coming out in early October - Battle Ground (I've already got it on order!)


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