Sunday, April 25, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Seventeen

All this week I thought, man we are not taking pictures like last week! It’s going to be a boring P365 post. Darn. I just finished editing, and well, it might be boring, but I guess I just forgot about all these pictures. There was only one day without one, but I took a screenshot that I thought was worth sharing.
Sunday, April 18th  
Our little azalea bushes decided to get in on all the splashy fun.

I did some “knitting” & then cleansed my palate with something that I knew how to do.

My book was getting intense, so I decided to work a jigsaw puzzle WHILE I WAS READING IT. This is similar to how I often have to leave the room during movies.

Monday, April 19th   
No photo – just this screenshot.

Tuesday, April 20th  
First time eating in a restaurant in over a year and I got a burrito as big as my head! I only ate half. It was REALLY good!

Wednesday, April 21st       
Freeze warning, so Mandy the Mandevilla & Sir Basil, Duke of Pesto came inside for a couple of nights.

Thursday, April 22nd    
This is apparently a problem with these Fitbit bands. This is the second one that has come loose like this. I took it to a jeweler, but since this is considered “fast fashion” it’s not something they handle. So in addition to knitting I shall now start trying to figure out jewelry making. Fun!

Friday, April 23rd   
Dr. M got a new Hurricane’s t-shirt. This thing is huge! I should do a photo shoot – I could wear it with leggings & be very fashionable. Or maybe not.

Saturday, April 24th   
Dr. M looked out the window & saw a flash of blue. We’ve been getting blue jays & bluebirds, but this time it was an Indigo Blue Bunting! They come through around this time every year.

I was watching my Bicrafty Bootcamp video where the instructor was teaching me how to knit, but I was behind on my temperature blanket so I crocheted that while I was watching. That’s bicrafty, right?

Weekly blanket update – indoors because it was pouring rain all day. Things definitely took a cold turn at the end of the week – brrr!

Today has been gorgeous – a nice break after the cold and the rain. Unfortunately the rain didn’t really take all the pollen away so I can’t sit out on the deck. Good thing we have windows! How are you doing with spring allergies? Or are you one of those lucky folks who aren’t affected?


  1. That is a huge, overstuffed burrito! Goodness.

    Lots of people are remarking at how masking has helped their allergies immensely. I am not a spring allergy sufferer, but I know the pollen here, esp. pine, has started up in earnest.

    I'm jealous of your indigo bunting sighting! We're overrun with starlings at the moment. Junk birds.

    1. You know - I should probably leave my mask on when I'm in the car. I'll bet that would help with my allergies. Except the burning eyes...

  2. that screenshot says it all. we're still having chilly mornings here.

  3. Bicrafty indeed - learning knitting while crocheting! Looks like another busy week at your house. It is quickly warming toward summer though the early mornings are nice and cool.

    1. I'm not sure how much "learning" was going on :)

  4. I love indigo buntings! I haven't seen one in years but they're pretty amazing. I never had much luck with mandevilla, but yours looks very happy. As for your book, any time someone says "We need a screwdriver," that means trouble.

    1. Yeah - screwdrivers are definitely harbingers of trouble at the very least.

  5. I seriously am just loving your blanket!!!!!
    Did it feel so funny eating out?

    1. I felt ok eating out until I found out that about half the table of folks hadn't been vaccinated. Freaked me out a bit, but I decided to not worry overmuch because THEY'RE the ones in danger, not me.

  6. Bicrafty Bug! Beautiful blanket, bunting, bushes and basil.

  7. That burrito *does* look good!

    1. It was so good. I am already fantasizing about getting the same thing next month. Ha!


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