Saturday, April 3, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Fourteen

I got nothing. Talk amongst yourselves while I sort out these pictures…
Sunday, March 28th  
No picture. Which is crazypants because I went to church & everything. What the heck.
Monday, March 29th   
The ancestral phlox is just going to take over that circle one of these days.

The moon!

Tuesday, March 30th  
I had the second part of my root canal today (they took out the “medicine” that was helping with the infection & then put a filling in the crown). After I got to work I was checking to see if I looked weird (since my face was still numb). Nope – I looked the same as usual. 

Wednesday, March 31st      
Dr. M made me get out of my recliner to look at the sunset, and I’m glad he did. It reminded me of the color scheme for the International Transgender Day of Awareness. Lovely!

Thursday, April 1st  
Baseball Opening Day! I had to work, but Dr. M got to watch the game.

Friday, April 2nd  
I made a chicken!

Saturday, April 3rd   
Lots of pictures today. First up, this gorgeous Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.

Next, our Blue Phlox is blooming (yes, it’s purple. I don’t know.). And every year I think that the peonies will never come back & every year they just do. Is it just me, or does the peony look a little obscene?

I made some more flowers – these are bigger than the other ones I’ve been making.

Temperature blanket update. It was a lot cooler this week. I have about another month & then I’ll quit increasing. Then it will look very weird for a few months until it’s time to start decreasing. I know, it sounds confusing. You’ll see!

Finally, I had put my phone down on the futon while I arranged the blanket & somehow turned it onto selfie mode. When I turned around to pick the phone up it was very alarming! Then I had to take a “normal” picture to cleanse my palette.           

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday! It’s going to be a nice celebration – we might even get to sing since we’ll be outside and not close to each other. Will you do anything to celebrate?


  1. Is that a potato in your root canal selfie? It sure looks like one. How very odd.

    You could have "cleansed your palate" by not taking the scary selfie in the first place. LOL. For some reason, it's making me think of Margaret Hamilton in The Wizard of Oz.

    1. I have been known to take a potato to cook for lunch (and I put it on my desk so I wouldn't forget about it), but this time it was a mango! Someone on Facebook thought it was a potato too - ha!

      That picture does look like Margaret Hamilton! " I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!"

  2. Those phlox in the circle are beautiful! I like your chicken and the temp blanket is turning out really well. Do your peonies bloom? We didn't get any flowers last year -- just lots of leaves. Very weird.

    1. Our peonies do bloom - so pretty! But it feels like they don't stick around long enough at all.

  3. I just had my filling put in for my root canal too & man, that hurt my jaw more than the root canal did. I do that - look in the mirror at my face when its numb. I hate the feeling of it

    1. Fortunately mine didn't bother me too much this time. I think I had so much infection before that the fact that had healed felt so much better!

  4. That last picture is hilarious. Too much reading about witches!

    1. Definitely! I've moved on to murder mysteries now :)


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