Sunday, March 27, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Twelve

There are no pictures of faces or crochet this week – I know you’ll be glad of the break. This week is all about flora and fauna – it’s spring in North Carolina!
Sunday, March 20th      
The phlox has just been gorgeous this year.

Monday, March 21st   
No photo.
Tuesday, March 22nd    
My view on my way to work. It was amazing!

These cows showed up in Dr. M’s memories today & he sent them to me to post for Nance. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 23rd        
Today’s view on my way to work was NOT as nice as the day before.

But it was a good day for ducks and geese!

Thursday, March 24th    
Another commute photo – a bit foggy today.

I knocked my little plant head dude over the other day which gave it bangs. I don’t even know if it’s still alive, but I faithfully spritz it with water every week.

Friday, March 25th     

Chicken noodle (orzo) soup for dinner – it was so good ya’ll!

Saturday, March 26th       
I had big plans for Saturday, but this was my view for most of the day – I watched baseball (then basketball, then hockey) & crocheted.

I’m feeling a little remorse for my lack of work yesterday. And since I have a strict policy of no housework during the week, I guess I’ll just have to add them to next weekend’s list. Or maybe I’ll get up from here and vacuum. What? It could happen! Let’s take a poll:


  1. Oh, gosh! And my favourite cows, too--Herefords! And a new one! Thank you for the sweet photo. Look how fluffy they are.

    I love seeing the Spring pictures, especially since we got hit with two inches of snow on Saturday. I was shovelling on Sunday! It's only 21 degrees here today (Monday) and we're getting flurries off and on. Luckily, by Wednesday we'll see 70.

    1. It was cold here this weekend. Dr. M brought the geraniums back inside for the night because it was supposed to freeze. But we are not on your level - sorry about the snow!

  2. Your plant dude & his bangs! LOL - I love him!!!!!

  3. I wish I had phlox like yours. And tears, but praise, for the St. Peter's Peacocks. What a run! Happy Spring!

    1. Indeed! Great run for them. So inspiring to watch.

  4. Ha! I'm guessing "NO" on the poll, but don't take that as a criticism of your housekeeping -- more that if you were really going to vacuum you'd be doing it, rather than making a poll about it. LOL!

    Love the phlox and the springtime photos! I think your little plant dude is indeed still alive. I think he'd be brown otherwise.


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