Friday, April 8, 2016

Absent Minded...

I've had a rough week or so.

  • Last weekend I got a new crockpot & decided to cook oatmeal in it, overnight. The oatmeal was fine, but it turns out that it really only needed to cook about 4 hours instead of the 8 hours I gave it. I've spent this week alternately scraping, and dousing with vinegar & baking soda. Because, oh yeah, I forgot to spray the pot with cooking spray. I think today I'll make one last assault on the baked on crud & it will finally be good as new. And VERY clean.
  • The other day, trying to be helpful, I nuked Dr. M's breakfast sandwich. Except that I must have put it on 12 minutes instead of 1 minute 20 seconds. It didn't catch fire, exactly, but it did produce a prodigious amount of smoke. The house still reeks, just a bit. Just today I decided to nuke some cinnamon & vanilla in water, then I added some peppermint, and I think that's helped a lot.
  • Yesterday, I did my usual routine of carrying my purse, lunch bag, & crochet bag out to my car & then coming back in for my breakfast sandwich & beverage. Only, I somehow bumped the lock on the car door. So my keys, cell phone, reading glasses, and my crochet project were locked in the car. Fortunately I wasn't locked out of the house, so I just came inside & ate my breakfast while waiting on AAA. And plotted to get a second key to my car. It's one of those "smart" keys & the cost just seemed prohibitive. But, really, it would have been a 30 second delay to get to work instead of an hour delay. That's worth it, right?
I had my annual physical yesterday & my doctor said that I was borderline hypothyroid. And one of the symptoms is impaired memory. At first I thought, well, that explains things! But, well, I've been this way my whole life. I don't pay attention - I never have. I'm in my head & ignoring cues all around me. So I don't think my thyroid is really the problem. I think that maybe practicing mindfulness would help me a lot more! Sigh.

And running along in the back of my mind, and the front of my mind, is that my father is once again watching the woman he loves waste away. Amy has been admitted to hospice because her heart is only working at about 10% capacity and she's just too weak for daddy to care for her now. Barring a miracle, she'll probably not get to go back home. 


  1. Sweet love.
    Great pics.
    Hard stuff.
    What's burnt oatmeal,
    nuked sandwich,
    or lost hour?
    Go ahead,
    blame the small stuff
    on the thyroid!
    Take care, friend!

  2. What a frustrating week you had. H is like you - easily distracted but lovable. I'm the opposite. I get focused on something, and the world could fall down around me until I finish my task. Now I'm getting more like you and H, but I can't blame it on my thyroid. :(

    Those are revealing photos of love and happiness shared. This is the most difficult time of life. I know your father's loss is hard for you, too. Take care and be easy on yourself.

  3. Love these tender photographs. I hope they've had many happy years together.

  4. I'm so sorry about your stepmom. Those are beautiful photos of her and your Dad. Stress can make anyone forgetful...don't be too hard on yourself.

    Do you need to take anything for borderline hypothyroidism, or is it a "wait and see" kind of thing?

  5. So many people would give anything to have had even one loving relationship such as your father has had with two partners. What a blessed life he has had. It does not, of course, make his grief any easier to bear.

    Or yours.

    My sympathy to you both.

  6. So sorry to hear about Amy's end stage heart disease. And so sorry that your dad must once again see the loss of a beloved wife. And for you to suffer yet another loss in your life. Thoughts are with you and the family.

  7. sorry to hear about Amy. I'm absent minded too but I think I'll blame it on the hypothyroidism even though I do take meds for that.

  8. I love your friends here! Be kind to yourself, dear have had a LOT to deal with this year, not the least of which is your husband's state of mind. So much grief and loss. Thank you for your strength and perseverance! Thank you for your abiding love.

  9. Amy is a doll! So sorry to hear of her ill health.

  10. Except that I must have put it on 12 minutes instead of 1 minute 20 seconds.

    Been there, done that, enough that we had to go out and buy a new microwave.

  11. I'm so sorry to hear about Amy!

    I think "brain fog" is just a symptom of being HUMAN, at least in my case. Especially a middle-aged human. :)

  12. Those are such wonderful photos of your dad and Amy. They make me happy just to look at them -- what a great relationship they clearly have had. I'm so sorry for their current situation. It's never easy. It really is true that such circumstances fill up the back of the mind, and the front, and the sides. My best to you all.

    As for the little details of life, when you started telling the story of the oatmeal, I suddenly remembered the time I fell asleep and baked two loaves of bread for about four hours. They were so blackened and hard that the houseboys (I was in Liberia at the time) played catch with them for a couple of weeks, until they finally fell apart.

    Most of the time, I'm like you. My head's just so full of this and that, I can easily forget what I set out to do. I can remember a phone number from 1950, but the location of my car keys? Maybe -- or maybe not.


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