Tuesday, April 12, 2016

(Not Quite - or Maybe More Than) 10 on 10

It depends on how you count the pictures - maybe I have 9, or maybe I have 13... But I definitely do NOT have exactly 10.

Thanks for all of your lovely comments on my last post. These are hard days, but we're muddling through.

The 10th was on a Sunday this month, so the pictures are extra exciting. Well, perhaps not. But you're getting them anyway!

The first thing I do each morning is open the blinds for Ms. Pinky (and her verbena). One more month & we can put her outside! (Maybe sooner if we're feeling brave.)

I downloaded an app for my phone that's supposed to help me remember to drink more water during the day. It's called Plant Nanny, and apparently my plant will die if I don't water it regularly. We'll see how well this works.

Meet Dandy the Dandelion!
Almost ready for church. Seems like there might be one more thing for me to do?

Oh yes - hair! I was going to see if you wanted to take a guess as to how long I managed to spend the day without using a barrette (my bangs are so close to being long enough to stay tucked behind my ear!), but I actually made it for most of the day. Good hairspray!

After church we had a Vestry Meeting. As Senior Warden I try to pay close attention to everything. Just kidding - I pay close attention to my crochet. Ha!

Look!! I watered Dandy & she grew! I thought it was appropriate that her sprouts looked like golf clubs since the Masters was going on.

After lunch (leftover pizza), I went to the grocery store and had two terrible things happen. I forgot to get my cloth bags out of the trunk AND I forgot that my trunk was full of yarn. Oops. I would have noticed the giant bins ahead of time if I'd remember to grab my bags. Oh well, I had Ben & Jerry's Phish Food to console me after I got home.

I captured a screen shot of the temperature at 7:00 - for my temperature blanket. After getting SNOW on Saturday, it was nice to be back up into the green row range :)

I spent the rest of the afternoon playing on my computer, crocheting, and forgetting to take pictures. Then I actually cooked real food for dinner. I had a coupon to get a good deal on my first shipment of Hello Fresh (a meal delivery company). I decided to try their vegetarian option & had three meals for two delivered on Saturday. I made the first one - Sweet Potato & Quinoa Salad. It was really good! The only problem was that the avocado was hard as a rock. a non-novice cook would have noticed in time to put it aside to use later after it ripened. But no, I kept sawing at the thing until I realized that it was pretty much inedible. Nance will be so upset to hear about this! Ah well, lesson learned!

How was your Sunday? Can you remember that far back?


  1. I need that app... mainly because I want to see the cute little plant grow :)

  2. Sunday was quiet. Worked on a few house projects and and met some friends for Chinese.

  3. 10 on 10...so what if it's 9 or 13 pics. Your blog, your rules.

    Did the Hello Fresh salad taste as good as it looks? I'm waiting for pics from your other meals now. If I see enough pictures of someone else cooking meals, I might get inspired. We eat a lot of takeout and leftovers - I really need some inspiration! And a little more time in the day. Sigh.

    Love your hair in the car selfie - it looks very "put together." I'm overdue for a hair cut, so mine's a mess.

  4. I love the "watering-the-plant" app. Funny! Too bad about the avocado -- an underripe avocado is a terrible-tasting thing.

  5. Sunday was work in the yard day. I was determined to get the azaleas in the ground now that they are through blooming. I didn't get them in the ground but I did get the bed built and ready. so next Sunday, they go in the ground.

  6. The biggest tragedy is that they sent you an underripe avocado to use immediately in an entree. Ridiculous. Compounding that is, of course, your inability to tell that it was underripe. I'm sure you have educated yourself in Avocado Basics by now.

    (crying green tears over at the Dept.)

  7. I need to eat my avocado today. I appreciate this round about unintentional reminder. Thank you. I am glad we are warming up a little, finally. The ground is no longer frozen but unfortunately, the snow keeps turning up like a dirty sock. Snow blew it's chance to shine in January and February, so take a hike snow because it's almost MAY. The upside is snow WOULD keep the bugs away.... hmm. Amy remains in my thoughts and prayers as does your Dad, you, and Dr. M. Take care and I am wishing you better luck with your food. I will pray for that as well.

  8. Sunday was the Masters and cleaning up some leftovers.

  9. I have such trouble with avocados. If I get one that's ripe, it's often too ripe to cube in salads (which is how I like them). And, if I get one that's underripe, by the time I remember I have it, it's over the hill. Ah, well. Now that you've reminded me that I like them, I'll give it another go.

    At first, I couldn't remember last Sunday. Now I do -- I went over to the wildlife refuge with my camera again. I brought home about 300 photos, and dumped about 200 immediately. Now, I'm still sorting through the others. From what they're saying, I'll not be going anywhere Sunday, or Monday, or maybe even Tuesday. Big Rain is in the forecast, along with flash flooding and etc. If I was virtuous, I'd clean house.

  10. I have the same problem with avocados as shoreacres. I love them, though, so I buy them anyway. I make an avocado/mango salad that we like. Now that's really hard. Every try to get a mango and avocado ripe at the same time? Good luck.

    I will have to tell H about that water app. He likes to try anything that helps him to stay on track.


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