Sunday, May 19, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Twenty

Last week Catalyst asked how Dr. M is doing. He continues to be in a lot of pain, but due to his hard head stubborn nature iron will he is continuing to take care of his Pop, get groceries for us, and mow the lawn (with his dad’s riding mower). He has an appointment with the surgeon on June 5th. Until then he’ll have physical therapy twice a week.

Sunday, May 12th                                        
The flowers from our yard say Happy Mother’s Day!

Monday, May 13th                   
Got a haircut – mainly wanted to get all that hair off of my neck. I have nice thick hair which is fabulous until I can’t stand it anymore.

Our volunteer impatiens make me smile.

Tuesday, May 14th                                                  
Ms. Rita, our red geranium, has been blooming like crazy for weeks now, but Ms. Pinky has been having her annual snit. She is FINALLY deigning to grace our presence with a bloom, which might actually BLOOM sometime this coming week.

Wednesday, May 15th                                                      
Juvenile delinquent.

Thursday, May 16th                                                      
The skirt that I wore today was so long that it kept getting caught in the wheels of my office chair. I was pretty pleased with my binder clip solution.

Meanwhile, Dr. M was enjoying some time in the swing out back. I love this picture of him with the trees as a backdrop.

Friday, May 17th                                                    
The Blanket Flowers are adding some interest to our sea of coreopsis.

Saturday, May 18th     
It was almost 10:00 & I realized that I hadn’t taken a picture. Earlier in the week I had put my grandmother’s hat on Samuel Spaniel to see how long it would take Dr. M to notice. He noticed later that day, but it amused me so much that Samuel is still wearing the hat. Ha!

Work outfits. This time, on Tuesday, I’m wearing black pants that “fit” but they’re too long. This is why you’re seeing so many skirts. What’s annoying is that, even though I’m short (5’4”), my legs aren’t really all that short. I guess women are just supposed to always wear heels?

From my Facebook post this afternoon: “Dear Facebook, I need some help interpreting a dream from last night. I was at work & on the phone with NC Mountain Woman talking about this wonderful banana bread I was eating when I had a FABULOUS idea: just fax some to her! I got up & went to the fax machine & started looking for a fax cover sheet. And that's when it dawned on me that I probably couldn't actually fax banana bread. I started laughing maniacally & startled my coworker.” My Facebook community basically laughed & had no real insight to offer. What say you?


  1. I'm the same height as you, and I have very short legs. And a short waist. I wonder how I'm as tall as I am, to be honest!

    Your hair looks great. I can't get over how much of it you have!

  2. I'm 5'4" too, short waisted but long legs and still pants are too long for me. and yes, they expect us to wear 4" spike heels with everything. indian blanket also called firewheels. nice haircut. my hair is thin but I'm due for my spring cut to get it off my neck. the past week it's either been in a ponytail or a bun.

  3. Thanks for the update on Dr. M. Still sending good vibes for him. Uh, that new hairdo . . . is that what is called a B---- Bob? And if you find out how to fax, or in today's technology, email banana bread don't forget your old and very dear friend, Catalyst!

  4. The Blanket Flowers are adding some interest to our sea of coreopsis.

    Awesome picture. Tried using my camera for the first time in many months. Couldn't get a decent picture to save my life.

  5. I have hair envy!

    Pant legs tend to be too long for me, too. I solve the problem by only wearing capris.


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