Saturday, September 19, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Thirty-eight

I’m back from vacation. Heavy sigh. The good news is that I have one more day before I have to go back to work. The bad news is that Ruth Bader Ginsburg died and I am feeling gutted. What an amazing woman and advocate for the marginalized. I have too many thoughts and feelings about her passing for this fluffy blog post. I’m sure most of you feel the same way.

Dr. M took over 300 pictures, but I used amazing restraint in selecting the photos for this post. If you’d like to check out all of his photos, you can find him as @ridinthestormout59 on Instagram. Also, as you already know, I did a Wordless Wednesday with beach pics (and some of the decor from our condo). Finally, I am going to do one more beach post - a Tale of Woe (those of you who follow Dr. M on FB have already seen this). 

Sunday, September 13th 

We left home at around 11:00 & got to the beach around 3:15 – not a bad drive! These photos are as we were driving over the causeway into Ocean Isle. 

Monday, September 14th 

Today was a rest day. Oh who am I kidding – they were all rest days. We barely moved all week. I did get down to the beach for a brief walk and took this photo of the condo where we were staying. 

Dr. M got photos of the dune area beneath our balcony. It was a constant source of entertainment – crab, beach mice, a fox (you’ll see it’s picture later), and lots of birds. 

Tuesday, September 15th

Scenes from our balcony. I did venture out to get pizza for dinner.

Wednesday, September 16h                                                           

Breakfast (oatmeal, egg, cheese, mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, & cilantro)! Actually, that was second breakfast. First breakfast was part of a huge mango, a nectarine, and a slice of leftover pizza.

I took another walk on the beach & noticed that the steps on most of the boardwalks were new. And then I noticed this one that had not been repaired. This area was hard hit by a storm in recent memory, but looks fine now. 

Thursday, September 17th         

My dad’s birthday! I talked to him in the morning & he had received over 40 cards at that time. I’ll see him tomorrow and check them all out.

Here are more photos from the balcony. If you look closely at the one with the dog in it, there is a little dot that is two tiny dogs. I saw their owner walking them all the day before & it was hilarious to see that giant dog with its little sidekicks.

Friday, September 18th 

Dr. M was up early and got these excellent photos of the fox! So beautiful! 

We drove home, and someone was really glad that his buddy was home. The Roy is a mess.

Saturday, September 19th                 

Hurricane Sally’s rain band meant that we arrived home to a very lush yard. It made us smile to see all the flower activity. 

We were talking about how we had packed for “before.” Dr. M packed slacks & nice shirts, and I took three cute outfits and didn’t even glance at them, because I didn’t go shopping and we definitely didn’t eat in a restaurant! I brought them right back home & had to fluff them in the dryer because I got them wrinkled. The only reason I didn’t wear the same pair of shorts & t-shirt for the whole week was just simple habit. I switched them out mid-week. I’m sure Dr. M appreciated it, but I don’t think it was necessary. It was really nice to not feel like we had to go anywhere or do anything. I highly recommend it! How was your week?




  1. The last day of a vacation is always kind of melancholy for me. Sometimes I actually want to return home but mostly I just dream about staying permanently down in Hilton Head or Orlando.

    I occasionally play a lotto ticket and I've told my coworkers that if I ever win I'm immediately dropping off the grid. That no offense intended but my sorry rear-end was going someplace else.

  2. I was going to ask, they had THAT on the menu? remind me never to eat there. So did you even go down to the beach since all your photos are from the balcony? you know, if I'm not going anywhere I wear the same clothes all week unless they get dirty from working out in the yard.

  3. I've tried and tried to wrap my mind around your oatmeal with whatever combos, and I just can't. Oatmeal and fruit? Cool. Oatmeal and nuts? Perfect. Oatmeal with fruit AND nuts? The best. But keep that lunch stuff away, thank you very much!

    I can't believe you saw a fox. Foxes and beaches seem a strange combo to me, too, although it probably has to do with the kind of land that snuggles up to your beaches. Occasionally a bobcat will show up on the wilder stretches of ours, so I suppose a fox isn't so weird.

  4. Your lazy beach week was certainly better than mine.

  5. I'm glad you had a restful getaway. A real vacation should be one in which you do exactly what you feel like doing, whenever and wherever you want.

    Coming home with only a bit of laundry is a bonus!

  6. The beach mice that burrow in the dunes are the key to the presence of foxes. Not sure what all else foxes eat, but these are big mice and one can see signs of where foxes have tried to dig them out of their burrows. I think it was Hurricane Isaias that tore the steps off all those boardwalks. It made landfall at Ocean Isle, if I remember correctly. We have a history of renting places that wind up with hurricane damage. We've twice had to cancel trips because of that! All was well this time, and the beach at low tide is wonderful for taking long walks!

  7. Ahhhh - all that water & sand & blue skies!
    that fox!!! It looks like it was just coming up for a visit. Crazy!
    Glad you are home with your fur baby & had a good little break

  8. I'm so glad you had a good time and enjoyed your change of pace. I love the wildlife photos! Particularly the fox -- although he's a bit skinny by London standards. (I think our foxes spend more time in the pub! LOL)

  9. Lovely, wonderful, marvelous vacation. And, beautiful yard when you got home. Not bad!

  10. I haven't been online for a bit. I've missed you. We postponed our trip to Myrtle Beach this year. I really miss the ocean. Everyone needs a little down time. Glad that you got yours. I want some of that leftover pizza!

  11. Glad you were able to have a good vacation, enjoying being lazy.


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