Sunday, July 4, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Twenty-seven

Today is the 4th of July, and I had some thoughts. Here’s what I posted this morning:
I’m putting on my patriotic jewelry, but I’m feeling kind of sad because all I ever want is to make sure we have as many people at the table as we can & it feels like so many people keep making the table smaller. For them it’s a little table in a gated community built on stolen land miles from the bus stop up a steep flight of stairs behind a locked door where you also have to know the password and have the “right” skin color. But I have little pockets of hope, so I’ll wear the dang jewelry. 
Sunday, June 27th
I posted the photos from our road trip to Roan Mountain on Wednesday, so instead of those you get this. I finished reading this e-book (which, yes, I printed out), and I highly recommend it for people who are interested in getting a little more vocal about social justice in their social media lives. If you think this is you, let me know – I’ll point you in the right direction!

Monday, June 28th  
Morning glories!

Our air was still not working, so we had the door open, and the screen is missing from our screen door, so it made a perfect drive-through window for the Roy to get a treat!

Tuesday, June 29th    
New color alert! Pumpkin, for average temps between 81 and 85.

Wednesday, June 30th    
Dr. M’s view from the office. Not too shabby!

Thursday, July 1st  
Temperature blanket through June – I am sort of liking it these days.

Friday, July 2nd  
Some early fireworks…

Saturday, July 3rd  
We went to a 100th birthday party for one of Dr. M’s relatives. It was such a nice day! It had been really hot, with occasional rain showers, earlier in the week, but the weather was beautiful & the temp was perfect. Plus they had a band! And cake, and homemade peach ice cream. It was a good day!

Although our air was fixed on Thursday, I have yet to do any real housework (other than laundry). Which just proves that air conditioning wasn’t the problem. But I have the day off tomorrow, so I plan to get at least something done before we head to Daddy & Sue’s for a puzzle working party (note: probably no one else thinks this will be a puzzle working party). By the way – today is their 4th wedding anniversary – woo hoo! What are your thoughts about the 4th of July and/or 4th wedding anniversaries? Any hot takes? I’m here for them!


  1. We were just talking about how the flag has been sadly appropriated by TFG's base, and that we can't see ourselves ever again looking at it the same way. That sort of faux patriotism and radicalism and Ugly American persona is so offensive.

    And not who we are in any way.

    As always, I'm glad to see cake back in your post! We lost our AC for a few days last week--during the horrid heat, of course--and the cats made sure to let me know they suffered the most. It's back up and running, and we will need it!

    1. Losing our air conditioning made me realize how spoiled I really am - I was unable to do much of anything at all. Very sad. Ha!

  2. What a beautifully decorated cake! And i loved the music!
    I love morning glories and Roy's sweet face.
    Congrats to Daddy and Sue for four good years!
    I almost bought patriotic earrings, but forgot. I did wear my 4th T-shirts, though.

    1. The cake was also delicious - it had raspberry filling!

  3. Lots of lovely color around your place! Glad you got your AC fixed!

  4. still no day lilies for me and I planted morning glories on the fence sections I put up between my and the wicked witch of the west, actually did it before her husband died, before the container, but no blooms yet. not a single one. and now the growth has gotten all deformed. I imagine from the poison the spray on the ground between me and the container because the dumb bitch had it put too close to the property line for their mower to get in there.

    1. That neighbor is a piece of (very rotten) work!

  5. I was born on 4/24/1940 so I've always believed that 4 was my lucky number. Sure isn't helping me win the lottery though.

  6. 100 years old!! That's awesome - what a celebration.
    I'm still so obsessed with your blanket!!! you're on the back half now!

    1. Well, I'm on the back half in THEORY. I might have to go beyond December 31st because I can't math. Ha!


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