Sunday, April 7, 2024

2024 Project 365 – Week Fourteen

My brain doesn’t want to brain today, so just imagine that I wrote something witty here.
Sunday, March 31st               
Easter! Also included, a photo of a completed puzzle at my dad's house.

Our phlox has just been so lovely.  

Monday, April 1st  
A new month! Also, Adam is the worst.

Tuesday, April 2nd                           
Dad & Sue weren't home when I stopped by during lunch, but that didn't stop me from finishing another puzzle. 

Dr. M says: 🎶
This is the blooming of the Asian Wisterias, Asian Wisterias, Wisterias!🎵 This looks to be Wisteria Sinensis (Chinese Wisteria), and it has been growing in Laboratory for many decades. Asian Wisterias bloom in Spring. Japanese Wisteria, when viewed from above, climbs in spirals that run clockwise. These spirals run counterclockwise, indicating that this is Chinese Wisteria.

Look what Dr. M brought home for me!

Wednesday, April 3rd    
Dr. M’s mom’s azalea is always gorgeous around the time of The Masters golf tournament.

This is posted specifically for Ellen Abbott who seems to frequently find weird flavors of familiar things. You know I’d try it. I’m a little surprised Dr. M didn’t bring a bag home for me!

Thursday, April 4th                                
That puddle in my salad is me “using up the last bit of dressing in the bottle.”

Friday, April 5th            
Wore my D.J. Burns NC State shirt to work. They played in the final four on Saturday, but alas were defeated by Purdue. It was a great run!

Saturday, April 6th                             
Dr. M says that there’s nothing so verdant in spring as a field of wheat.

My little life seems to be rolling along without too much drama, but when I look at the wider world I feel hope and despair and rage and joy. It’s all so big and I feel ill equipped to handle it. So I concentrate on what’s right in front of me. And vote.


  1. I've never seen phlox like that -- amazing, the way they've draped over the wall. I didn't know they could do that. Another 'never' - I've never had a Moon Pie. I did come across recipes for making them, but by the time I finished reading the recipe, I wondered by anyone would do that, when we can just go down to the store and buy one.

    Are those Dr. Pepper potato chips? I can't imagine it. Of course, I couldn't imagine it when Blue Bell came out with a Dr. Pepper ice cream, but apparently it's quite popular. And I love the wheat field. We have corn that's a foot or more high now -- things are clicking along.

    1. The bag looks like a chips bag, but it's actually cotton candy.

    2. There's another variety of phlox that doesn't drape like that. We have a little clump of it - it's called Blue Moon Phlox.

  2. If it's Dr Pepper cotton candy, I'd definitely eat it. No brainer. But if those are (insert horror movie music) potato chips...what fresh hell is that?! Ugh, no way.

    Beautiful springtime nature photos make me feel yearny and jealous. I lost a lot of phlox due to the basement project, but mine never even approached the bountiful lushness of yours. Goodness.

    Eclipse Day today! We are in The Path Of Totality, and skies are already clearing. I'm hoping it makes me feel Realigned With The Universe.

    1. Good luck with realignment! Yes, cotton candy, not chips.

    2. I'm excited that you're in the eclipse path. I hope it's an excellent event for you. I saw a meme the other day that said something like "I'm tired of Mercury always being in retrograde. *I'm* in retrograde now!"

  3. That's pretty much all any of us can do -- our tiny part.

    Your phlox are amazing! And you're making me want a Moon Pie. I haven't had one in YEARS!

    1. I didn't really like Moon Pies as a kid - I was a Little Debbie oatmeal cream cake gal - but I thoroughly enjoyed these!

  4. All kinds of weird food things get donated to SHARE. and I know how you feel. I go from despair to confidence that most americans will vote for democracy and then I read more disheartening news. And that last picture, see they get it. trees bring shade from unrelenting sun unlike that other farmhouse.

    1. Yeah - I do have to wonder about how hot that house might get.


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