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I'm not feeling witty today. Could be arm pain, although I had a cortisone shot today which helped a lot (I'll tell the story of how I injured myself another time when I'm feeling witty again - it's a typical Bug maneuver).

I think I feel weighed down by the needs of all the folks I've been praying for lately. There's Barry. And Heather. And, breaking my heart on a daily basis, Stellan. And the Hispanic family in our parish being torn apart by ICE - they're here to get medical care for their Down's Syndrome daughter and now her father is being deported.

I know that God is there. Although my mother died despite my fervant prayers, I know that God is there. And there is comfort in being in that presence. But it still weighs me down.

So I'll pray for my list of folks tonight, and then I'll lay me down to rest... Which will guarantee a better night's sleep than that Dean Koontz book I read last night!

P.S. Dr. M has a followup interview next Thursday (the 9th)! We are pretty dern excited around here.


  1. It would be nice, wouldn't it, if sometimes, just now and then, God would give us a little glimpse of his plan. Not all of it, you understand, but maybe just one or two of the bits that seem so inscrutable.

    My thoughts are with you.

  2. I've learned that God answers in three ways: Yes, No and Wait. The waiting one is the most difficult one, but please don't give up - He really has a plan and yes Argent, I agree, it would be nice if we could just get that glimpse every now and then.


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