I grew up in the gentle rolling hills of the North Carolina piedmont, where we were slightly concerned that the kudzu would take over the landscape (are you sure this road will still be here the next time we come by?). This land was all that I had ever known & it just WAS – I didn’t have to think about it being different from the mountains or from the beach. It was just home.

I went to college, and then later lived for five years in the western North Carolina mountains Рcradled in the bosom of mother earth. A clich̩, but it felt oh so true. I was safe, surrounded by my mountain home. And of course, it was very beautiful to me.

So why is it, when we explore our potential new home in Ohio, near where Dr. M will be teaching, that I feel this tug at my inner core? This is familiar country. This flat land with the big sky. The gentle dips and rises of land near the river. The farms and the long straight roads. Shouldn’t this feel alien to me? Perhaps one day I will wake up & wonder where in the world I am. But for now, I want to plant a tomato vine and call it home.

P.S. I've added a link about kudzu for the uninformed - but you can view it here as well.


  1. Please explain what "the kudzu" is. Forgive me my stupidity but I really have no idea. Getting that feeling of it all being familiar is good. Go and plant your tomato vine, call it home and enjoy!

  2. This post is pure prose. Beautifully said!

  3. I start Campbell in August. :) Thanks for reading my blog!

  4. I love your descriptions. It's great that you feel so positive about your new home, I wish you and Dr M all happiness there.


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