Pretending All is Well

I had my appointment with my doctor to review my MRI. The good news is that I don’t have a rotator cuff tear. The bad news is that there is still enough damage to warrant surgery. Sigh. We’re going to wait until after Dr. M & I move this summer – no sense being any more useless than I already am!

Besides the pain in my right arm & shoulder, & the ever present (but much less severe) pain in my left arthritic hip, I have another pain that I inflicted on myself. The night we were packing to go to NC (two weeks ago today, in fact) I dropped a soft drink can on the kitchen floor. It started spewing everywhere. I ran to pick it up, slipped on the wet floor & landed BOOM on my tail bone. OUCH. I don’t know when I’ve experienced such pain. And it continues – that’s an area of my anatomy that I use quite a bit so I’ve noticed. It hurts to sit. It hurts to get back up again. It hurts to roll over in bed. For heaven’s sake – I am falling apart!

I’m tired of talking about my ailments – so this is it! Until I have surgery – you’ll hear ALL about that for sure. In excruciating detail. Until then I’m going to do my physical therapy, take my pain meds & pretend that all is well.


  1. Good girl! I slipped and fell at work on my first Monday back at work after my leave. I thought that all parts of me were well-padded but found out with a shock that it is not true... ouch! I also found out that when you are 54 your do not bounce like you did when you were 5! Fortunately the most serious injury was to my ego! I really hope you recover soon and that the surgery will not be bad.

  2. I fractured my coccyx during my first birth, 16 years ago, and still can't sit on the floor or the bath etc. OUCH!I comiserate.


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