Remains to be seen...

Last Wednesday we received a call that Dr. M’s 73 year old mother had been in a serious car accident & was air-lifted to a regional hospital in Charlotte, NC (near where she lives). We hurriedly made plans to go out of town for an undetermined period of time – Dr. M made arrangements for his last week of classes & for others to give his exams, while I ran back to the office to put things in order there. We spent the rest of the week & weekend in NC, returning yesterday late.

When we arrived in Charlotte my MIL was moving around, but not awake & not responsive to commands. We were really afraid of how much brain damage there might have been. On Sunday when we went to visit she was awake & recognized us - & claimed that the car accident was the other person’s fault! We thought that was a good sign. We still don’t know physically how well she’ll recover, but it seems as though her mind is there. We’re thrilled & terrified – she’s pretty willful – will we be able to convince her to follow doctor’s orders? Remains to be seen!


  1. It must have been a big shock and I hope she will recover completely and speedily.

  2. What a difference a day makes! Hopes you MIL makes a full recovery.


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