Cluckles the Chicken

Dr. M and I have been adopted by a hen. She belongs to the boys next door, but she’s decided that she prefers our yard. This could have something to do with the amount of shouting & running around & trampolining in her yard. There are usually five or six kids being kids over there. Dr. M & I like those sounds of childhood.

Anyway, one or the other of the boys is always coming over to ask if we’ve seen their hen. And sure enough, she’s scrabbling in the gravel by the central air unit, or checking out the delicacies in the yard or shrubbery, or hiding in the shrubbery. We think it’s the most hilarious thing. We love our chicken! Especially since we aren’t really responsible for her. We just have to watch our step a bit.

We’ve decided that she’s a barred rock. What do you think?


  1. Chickens can be very entertaining. My sister keeps chickens and I occasionally post a story about them. (click on my 'chickens' label if you want to read them). They will clean the yard of bugs.

  2. Lovely looking chicken. John Haddington has quite a few; they are living the life of Riley in free range heaven.

    What's the name of your interloper? Not 'Dinner' I'm sure but she must have a name...

  3. Do your neighbors keep chickens for the purposes of eggs? That seems to be a very popular trend of late.

    It's popularity seemed on the wane when people got a whiff of a chicken house in July, but still, it was the hip thing to do there for a bit. Still is, I guess!

    We're zoned against chickens, etc. which is good. My cat would doubtless bash his brains in trying to get to the great outdoors, trying to attack the chicken. He already had a few painful moments with the sliding glass door, questing after a passing rabbit.

    It's really great that you love your visiting fowl! You've become a chicken refuge!

  4. Her name is Cluckles - which I find VERY amusing!

    Apparently this family is into interesting pets - they have two painted turtles, this hen, & then they also have a cat, & I'm not at all sure how that works! I haven't inquired about eggs - although since she's over here often enough I think we should get some of them!

  5. Hey, Bug, new to your blog. Got here via your comment on Willow Manor. Thanks for plugging Dick Francis, I was going to mention the novel in which the hero is a glass blower until I saw that you already had.
    Regarding the chicken, I know nothing about the breeds, but this chicken has one of my favortie types of markings.
    Maybe she has already hidden some eggs in your yard.

  6. My sister used to have a pet chicken. I believe she was oh so thoroughly original and name it...what was it Inga? Henny Genny? She treated that chicken like it was a baby. Although I do love one nicely battered and fried, I also get a kick out of them in their unfried state.

    Very fun post!

  7. Cluckles eh. Good name; caused a few chuckles.

  8. OH, I have such a soft spot for little hens. They are so sweet. And how they produce and lay those eggs every 24 hours is a miracle, for sure. She is so CUTE.

  9. Handsome hen you got there...I hope she stays off your kitchen table.

  10. What's a "barred rock"? She's GORgeous, whatever species/type she is! What happens, tho, if she lays eggs in your yard and then decides to sit on and coddle them until they hatch little ones? Do you get to split the proceeds of a possible sale with your neighbors, or will they instead sue you for alienation of affection? :)

  11. That's one good looking chicken! All fancy-like.


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