Leaving the Mad

Dr. M & I decided to explore our world a little more today. At one point we crossed the Mad River & I thought – wouldn’t it be cool if I could just leave all my madness behind on this river? My obsession with the recovery time for my surgery. My worry about money. My fear that my boss will be helpless without me. Let’s just take this sticky ball of crazy-think & drop it in the Mad River. There it goes – floating downstream… If you’d like to think of this as a euphemism for God, go right ahead!

Thinking about that was pretty interesting, but I think that seeing all the gorgeous flowers, and spending time in the Cedar Bog (which is not really a bog – it’s a fen! Dr. M. asked if that made my blog a blen) filled the empty place left by the sticky ball with a somnambulant peace. I think things will be just fine. And when I wake up on the other side I’ll do what comes next.

I’m not a drama queen, am I?

P.S. We passed by a sign that said “concealed carry course, $100.” I asked Dr. M why someone would carry a gun on a golf course. Ba dum bum. Of course, being from Lincoln County, NC he had a story about a friend who carried a gun on the back nine of the Crowder’s Mountain course…


  1. The idea of people running around with guns is totally unfathomable to most Canadians. People running around golf courses with concealed guns is like a sick joke.


    Anyway, hope your surgery goes well.

  2. Like Barry said, we Canadians would be horrified at the thought of someone running around with a concealed gun. But, unfortunately, it seems to happen more and more often.

    I hope your surgery goes well too. Please keep us posted. :-)

  3. Sending you quick healing vibes via blog post comments...feel that? *g*

  4. Astounding!!!! Sending a huggle.xx♥

  5. The two pictures are very beauiful.
    Your surgery 's going to be "a piece of cake", with God's help. No need to worry about it.

  6. Rivers are pretty magical. I lived on one for four years and it never failed to help put my fears in perspective.

    Sending healing energy...

  7. Ahhh, the river will carry it away, or carry you away as the case may be. I used the river many times to escape and although it was all still there after I got back, those days on the river made it easier to get through.

  8. Ahhh...Mad River sounds like a great cathartic cleansing option.

    And we have a county in GA where homeowners are required by LAW to own handguns. Apprently it was supposed to be "Don't Mess with Georgia" but the Texans took it first. LOL.

  9. I never think about guns until I hear the evening news. It just never occurs to me that people may be carrying them around. Scary.
    Hope your surgery goes well and your recovery!

  10. Dear luvverly Bug,
    You'll be just fine.

    Your surgery will go swimmingly, as we say.:-}

    If you are feeling a tad jittery you are welcome to use my FAFL system. No charge. Free and gratis.

    Face it...
    Accept it...
    Float above it...
    Let time pass.....

    You could, actually, float on the Mad River you mentioned.

    Fond regards, Phil

  11. Thanks for all the well wishes - I'm ready as I'll ever be! I'll get a post up as soon as I'm coherent (might not be tomorrow - I can be pretty loopy on pain meds).

  12. P.S. Phil - I don't think floating will be a problem tomorrow!

  13. I like to imagine my anxieties, one by one, as a red balloon filled with helium that I release with great intention. I watch them float all the way up and away before I launch the next one. Very juvenile, I know, but it works for me, and it's not a narcotic. Ha. Throughout the day tomorrow I will be praying for you as you come to mind. Your boss will get along fine without you, but you will need to hurry back to blogging right away!!


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