A Birthday Magpie

Today's Magpie is a tribute to my father, who turns 70 years old tomorrow (thanks Willow for the timely prompt!). He is the youngest 70 year old I know. Happy birthday Daddy!


When you were born
a great war raged
although your grandmother
wasn't yet a 7 star mother.
Two uncles gone
in the war to end all wars.

Of course, I didn't
know you then.

When I was born
you slept in the
waiting room.
You had been up
since dawn 'cause
cows don't wait
for milking.

But I don't
remember that.

I remember a brown
uniform & packed lunches
and company turkeys
and bedtime stories
and breakfasts of champions
and how selflessly you cared
for my dying mother.

Now there's your new love
and a big garden
and golf on bad greens,
and grandchildren
and choir practice
and a turn on the stage.

Seventy turns
around the sun –
by my count
you aren't even
nearly done.

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  1. That is beautiful.

    Every word.

    Happy 70!

  2. My favorite poem I've read this week, meaningful.

  3. A wonderful tribute to your father - I wish him a happy birthday and a long, long healthy life!

  4. Aww. What a beautiful tribute to your handsome dad. Happy Birthday!!

  5. It's wonderful that you feel this way about him. Happy Birthday to your dad!

  6. How lovely... what a great tribute to your dad. :c)

  7. Lovely words from a perceptive daughter.

    Happy birthday to Dad.

  8. Bug,
    Awesome! I'm sure your dad will be touched by your poem.
    He is obviously a man who savored each grain of the sands of his life.
    That's enough isn't it?

  9. aww that was so touching.. Happy 70th birthday!

  10. I think this is one of my favorite poems you have written. You told the story of your father so beautifully.

    Happy Birthday Dana's Dad!

  11. This poem is SO beautiful. I love it. What a wonderful tribute.
    Happy Birthday to your very special Dad!! May he have many many more.
    ♥ audrey

  12. Bug, that was so heartfelt and touching. What a wonderful man your father must be, and what a fortunate man to have a daughter willing to commit her feelings to words in such a loving manner.

    Happy birthday to your dad, may he have many, many more.

  13. What a terrific tribute. Very moving.

  14. This is so lovely .. and loving. I turn 69 tomorrow and relate to where your father is in his life!

  15. I always enjoy your work, and this one particularly. Thank you.

  16. Beautiful tribute to your father. Here's wishing him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  17. Absolute fabulous! Totally loved it. And of course, a huge happy birthday to an obviously wonderful man.

    CJ xx

  18. Happy Birthday to Dana's dad. He sounds like the kind of dad every kid dreams about having. Wonderful poem and tribute to your father.

  19. Simply beautiful, Dana. A marvellous and heart-warming birthday wish to your dear father, whom one can tell you love very much.

  20. what a lovely tribute to your Father...lucky lucky you!

  21. a beautiful tribute to your father who has obviously used those turns well..

  22. A wonderful poem, I hope that you show it to your father, and I hope he has a marvelous birthday. Seems like the apple don't fall far from the tree.

  23. That was wonderful, my dad is 68 and I expectt many, many years to come with him. Happy Birthday to your dad!!

  24. Wonderful! Beautiful tribute to what sounds like a very wise man.

    Thank you for sharing! Tell him Happy Birthday!

  25. Happy Belated Birthday to your father.
    what a blessing for both of you.

  26. great poem and an awesome tribute.
    i liked how you talked about his life before you, or before you remember. I think i forget how much life my parents lived before i came into their lives. your dad sounds like the guy to take pointers from on how to age gracefully.


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