Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

It’s not that I don’t love you – I do. I just don’t love you that way right now. And it’s not you, it’s me. So I think we should take a little break. Don’t get excited – it’s just until Saturday. I’ll come back with all kinds of pictures to show you.

No, I’m not cheating on you – if I do any writing you’ll be the first to know – really.

Sincerely, Love,

The Bug


  1. Dear Dana,

    We all need breaks, and that's completely understandable. I'm not really in a writing mood myself of late.


    Sam :)

  2. I haven't written much lately because I've been so busy at work and at home, plus my weekends in the fall always get filled with things to do.

    But, one the plus side, even though I haven't been writing as much, I've posted TON of pictures on my Photo Blog lately.

    (Fall is always a picture-taking bonanza for me, and we're just STARTING to get the color change)

    I'd advise everybody to take a break once in awhile - whether you feel that you need one or not, because sometimes you don't know until you take one!

  3. Hah! I just took a three whole day blog break and it felt real-l-l-l-ly nice. Enjoy some time off, dear Bug!

  4. Yeah, I know what you mean. I haven't had much to say lately. See you.

  5. Yep, I've not been posting as often as I did at first, either. Sounds like there are a lot of us out there!

  6. Enjoy your break! Do something fabulous! Happy Fall since you won't be back until after the autumnal equinox. I shall dance barefoot in the grass for both of us.

  7. Will mis you but totally understand. I've not been around so much as I;m gearing up for rehearsals and I've got so much research and boning up to do on being able to do a creditable Chinese-Madarin accent. I'm hoping I can post at least once a month.

  8. One of these days, I'll post a letter like this, but right now, I am driven somehow to plop something up each day. Maybe it's some sort of need to be disciplined and follow through with creative things that I've not been great at in my life... who knows. Anyhow, enjoy your break Bug! We'll be right here when you get back. :c)

  9. Had me worried there for a minute, first Don't Feed the Pixies, then you! At least it's only till Saturday, thank goodness. Have a nice break.

  10. Dana enjoy your break, but don't forget to come back... where would we be with out our tax pig updates?

  11. Have fun exploring the world outside of the computer, Bug!

    Wait...there's a world outside of the computer? When did this happen? Why wasn't I informed?

    What do you mean, "Open your front door?"

    I'm very confused ;-) Explore at will and report back to those of us trying to find the door on the internet.

  12. Dana, I haven't even looked at my blog for a couple of days, and I felt bad that I had not visited anyone either, but we all need some time off for a few days. Enjoy! Just be sure to come back.

  13. Love this! I think I should be writing my blog the same letter! What a clever way to look at it!

  14. O, just not fair.
    Just when I was coming to take a look at a bug under the microscope.

    I shall have to come back.

  15. enjoy that break...we all need to remember to do that at times...

  16. relax yourself, have fun!
    Thanks for sharing!


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