Five Thoughts for Thursday

This blank page is wearing me out. I have nothing to say. Rather, I have lots of things to say, but they’re all of a whiny nature & they wear me out. Well, I’ll just start writing anyway. And since you’re reading this I must have decided to hit “publish post.” Sorry!

I’m sitting at my desk at work (having worked very hard this morning if you must know) watching the flags flying outside. I can see our flags (US, Ohio & the company flag – really? The company needs a flag? It’s not our company – it’s the one that owns the building) and I can see the flags of the building next door – same drill, except they have a different company flag. The sky is really blue. The trees in the parking lot haven’t changed colors yet.

I can smell the banana on my desk (a bad sign – it’s one whiff away from being too ripe for me to enjoy it).

I can hear…silence & then tapping keys. My office is really quiet, which I guess would drive some people crazy, but I like it. I don’t even want music playing most of the time – too much constant ear traffic tends to roar in my brain & I can’t hear myself think. And, really, I need all the help I can get in that department.

I can taste the pasta I had for lunch – pretty yummy, but that was 2 hours ago. Hmm – perhaps a Listerine breath strip is in order. Yes, that’s better – not yummy, but not leftover lunch either.

I can feel that twinge in my hip that will cause me to walk like an old woman for the first few minutes when I get up from my chair. Lately I’ve been having intense flashes of pain down my thigh that make me wonder if I can walk at all. Not all the time – maybe once per day – but goodness that’s disturbing. And I know what people will say – and they will be right – EXERCISE. Well maybe I will. After I eat the banana.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through my five senses. What are you seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting & feeling today? And do you have any extra senses? Mine is the ability to pick the most expensive item out the choices available.


  1. I have been having the hip thigh pain also. It actually wakes me up at night, even after I have taken Advil PM. My daughter also has it and a doctor told her it was bursitis. I haven't found out what mine is but I have a Dr appointment in October sometime. I enjoy quiet also...

  2. Today as i drove into my area i thought that the streets smelled of alcohol - but it may have been the new tarmac

    I had a glimpse of a cat fast disappearing

    I survived the day with the taste of coffee

    I felt a bit annoyed in endless traffic - but equally pleased to be in a car and not on the bus

    I can currently hear a Cliff Richard film, but that's just the way it goes somedays :)

  3. Brenda - mine's osteoarthritis - no fun.

  4. I am hearing giggling middle schoolers...smell giggling middle schoolers...and I feel HOT (did I mention it is over 100 degrees here today??)

    I love your descriptive post...

  5. Loved this post Bug! I'll steal it one day when I need fodder.

  6. Blood in mouth has kind of dominated the day, combined with the weird cracking noises as Mr Ness was extracting a molar (one of mine) in three parts. Alabama 3 playing - restorative. I can smell my dog. Avoiding vision, as have hardly slept for five nights and so not looking in mirrors somewhat essential.

    Don't eat the banana!! They're only good if they're green!! And that special sense - I like it.

    I can tell when people lie. Really.

  7. My mother always called that good taste. "At least you have good taste," she would say to me when I would point out the most expensive item on display as the one I liked best. It's just a knack I have.

  8. I loved this post. I felt as though I were sitting right at your desk with you. Very interesting concept, and very descriptive.

    I hope your leg feels better soon. Never diagnose yourself. If it continues, see a doctor. :-)

  9. I can smell the coffee hubby had, but alas, none for me a I have to have this danged test today. Sigh. I taste the remnants of toothpaste. I hear my poor gut continue to rumble with the effects of that half gallon of prep I consumed between 2:30 and 5PM yesterday, and I see a really fun and entertaining blog post by Bug this morning! Thanks for the smiles... I need them. :c)

  10. I don't like any noise when I'm working either -- not even soft music. We'd get along fine sharing an office :)


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