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Don’t Feed the Pixies has given me an award! Well, I think I got it by default. But since I really enjoy talking about myself I’ll play along. I’m supposed to tell seven things about myself & then pass along the award to seven people. As I’m typing this I’m fairly certain I will be skipping the second part, but we’ll see after all that nice talking about myself.

1. I used to carry my lunch when I was in high school. I didn’t want to figure out what table to sit at. I’m not sure I was afraid of rejection, exactly, but I WANTED TO BE LEFT ALONE TO READ MY BOOK IN PEACE. I always had the same thing (or at least I did my senior year) – a livermush sandwich. Wonder what I took to drink? I certainly never touched the everclear the yearbook photographer (another senior – not an adult!) would bring in for his lunch.

2. I once worked as an admin for an agency that provided services to rape & domestic abuse survivors. And I was a square peg in a round hole in that place – it is very hard working with a lot of touchy feely women if you’re a non touchy feely woman. I was forever offending someone. That said – these were some of the best people I ever worked with. They used their energy & empathy to help other women, so they didn’t have any left to combat me.

3. My mother is forever invading my dreams. Sometimes it’s just ordinary stuff & other times I wonder what in the world my subconscious is trying to tell me. Just over the weekend I dreamed that she was sort of Joan Crawford-ish & she spoke in that fake British accent that people seemed to have back then. Ya’ll, my mom was from North Carolina. And she was probably the opposite of Mommy Dearest. Very odd.

4. My dream home would have a living room large enough to hold a table for a jigsaw puzzle. I would quit blogging & just work puzzles every evening.

5. I am working really hard to embrace fall this year. I try thinking thoughts like, “surely everyone is tired of pictures of hummingbirds and finches,” and, “aren’t these cooler days fabulous?” But, really, what’s playing in the back of my head is dark commutes on the way to & from work, having to wear my coat, and driving in the snow. Sigh.

6. Aren’t we to seven yet? I’m counting this question as revealing something about myself.

7. Just now I was looking at the Ohio flag flying outside my office window & remembering all the brouhaha about how Obama had created his own flag for his Obamanation – and the picture they showed was of the Ohio state flag. Oh I laughed for many days about that one.

Well, as I suspected, I am not going to pass this award along. Although, frankly there are a number of you about which that I would enjoy reading more. So, feel free to take this award & run with it if you’re so inclined.


  1. Don't feel lonely, Bug...your mom invades my dreams, as well. My mom shows up in my dreams a lot these days.

    Yep...still laughing at the Obamanation flag...and crying at the embedded racism that continues to manifest itself. I'm not talking about legitimate Republican and Libertarian critiques, here...I'm talking about all the other "stuff." For those who don't, you should read Snopes.com on a regular basis...it will inform you and make you very, very sad at what gets passed around as "true" in regard to the Obamaas.

  2. I'm a jigsaw puzzle junkie too. If there is one out, it draws me like a moth to a flame.

  3. I always enjoy reading about you and learning more.

    And don't take this the wrong way, but if you getting your dream house means no more blogging then there's only one solution. I will have to move in with you. How else will I stay current with your stories and get to work jigsaw puzzles at the same time?

  4. No, DON`T stop blogging, forget about that puzzle table! I like your humorous way of talking about yourself, Bug, no, I don`t think you are "normal" in that boring way. I like that liverwurst-sandwich and book-break! When I was in high school as a foreign student I had no ideas about all the rules you had to observe (last night I saw Lindsey Lohan in such a comedy film). I even threw peas at my friend when the headmaster walked by and laughed him in the face. And I never said "hi" to the school`s most fashinable girl because I thought she was so dumb.
    So, as I said, what IS normal anway?
    By the way, dreaming, last night I dreamed my husband had got himself two lion-head tattoos on his back! hahaha

  5. So I'm sitting here wondering what became of the Everclear drinking yearbook editor. Yikes, sounds like there were steps in his future. Twelve them to be exact, and that's only if he was lucky.

    I've known people who have fond memories of high school and really, whereas it was fairly good to me, the only thing I really remember is that I was a lot less kind at that point in my life. It's like watching home movies of some distant, prickly cousin.

    Fun stories, Bug :-) Were you particularly fond of liverwurst or was that just always what your mom made for you? I have a friend whose mom quite simply shouldn't have cooked. Everyday, on white bread, her mother made her a cheese sandwich that she then zonked in the microwave for a minute and stuck in a lunch bag.

    I'm assured the result was a terrifying, rubbery mess, congealed and unappetizing as could be, come lunch time.

    Interestingly enough, this same person is the biggest foodie I know, and an incredibly skilled cook now.

    As for the Obama flag, that is one of those "Wow, that's hilarious in that "laugh or cry? Laugh or cry? Better laugh, I suppose." ways.

  6. congrats...honestly #6 is profound...smiles. bet #2 was hard...even just the nature of it...

  7. These award things are a bit of a double edged sword: they're nice to have but I hate the passing-along thing. all the people I would give the award to already have it from someone else, usually the same one that gave it to me. these were fun things to read though.

  8. Hi there regular reader

    I’m really sorry to have to tell you that due to circumstances beyond my control Don’t Feed The Pixies has had to be deleted and will probably be gone by the time you read this.

    I had gone to pains to keep my name off the web and had changed the names and places of those involved where speaking about someone or something – but it seems that I have not been careful enough and so to protect myself from any future problems I have had to quit the site.

    Thank you for providing a light in a tunnel of dullness. I came to the blog world in the hope of finding others out there who I might have something in common with, or were just other lost souls looking for new ideas and new thoughts.

    I am not sure whether this blog will continue in any other form. Thank you for visiting.

  9. Finding out random things about people is always fun! Although I suck at the award thing because have a hard time finding random things about myself that others would find intersting....

    I can identify with the high school lunch thing. I never sat in the caffiteria either.

    And I have no idea what to do with overly emotional people of either sex.

  10. Thanks Bug, I loved reading about your random things. I dreaded the thought of who to sit with . . . still do, actually. So glad there are people like you who really understand the feelings we all had about belonging.

  11. Buggybug, thanks for the fun. I never dream about my mom and wish I would.

  12. well deserved award, Glad to see you smile!

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