Project 365 – Week Thirty-Nine

Sunday, September 19th
On Sunday Dr. M took a picture of our tomato ripening factory – still going strong!

Monday, September 20th
On Monday Dr. M took pictures of some squirrels on his campus. I'm fascinated by how they're able to cling to the sides of trees like that.

And here's a cool picture of the almost full moon.

Tuesday, September 21st
The birds are still enjoying our feeders. Here's one relaxing after dinner. Except I don't really think birds ever relax, do they?

Wednesday, September 22nd
We got rain!

And then that evening Dr. M gave a lecture on the Underground Railroad in Ohio. He was good! I know in my head that he's good at what he does, but I don't often get to witness him in action. This isn't a great picture, but I wanted to share it anyway.

Thursday, September 23rd
Thursday was a banner picture day – all taken by Dr. M. The first one is a picture of the leftover Capri Suns from his lecture refreshments. Like all good southerners he always prepares to feed an army. And while the lecture was well-attended, there wasn't an army. Fortunately he's taking them on his school's road trip to Ripley, Ohio & the Freedom Center in Cincinnati.

When you live in a farming community you might have to drive behind one of these behemoths. There's no way to pass – just sit back, relax, and take a picture LOL.

Here is a groundhog at Dr. M's school. I'm amazed at how he just sat there for his portrait.

We still have flowers blooming at our house. This one has been great!

It's time to put the Topsy Turvy away, but we can't because it's been held hostage by the cypress. Guess we'll have to wait until the first frost to take care of that bit of outdoor maintenance.

Friday, September 24th
Dr. M took this picture of the moon on his way to school. I'm so glad he did because I saw it on my way to work too but was just too lazy to get the camera out to take a picture.

Here are some deer on his campus – love the electric eyes. Tis the season to be watching out for deer around here. There's a small herd that I've seen a few times on my way to work.

That evening we got a little rain & then this little nubbin of a rainbow appeared.

Saturday, September 25th
Dr. M is on his bus trip today. I'm supposed to be doing a lot of housework, but I'm working on this post instead. Heh. Hey, I'm doing laundry & I got groceries! And I went out to a farmer's market that I pass on the way to work every day. They've had this field of sunflowers (? I've never seen any that orange color before). The flowers are looking a little ragged, but I've so enjoyed them. Thought I would share them with you guys.

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  1. You've outdone yourselves this week. the moon and the sunflowers and the tomatoes and the rainbow. We also have farm equipment on our roads.

    They should be harvesting the cotton soon. It's looking pretty brown and dried up out there now from their spraying last weekend.

  2. I like the "spread eagle" squirrel.

    "Okay buddy, up against the tree and spread 'em. Now, hand over all your nuts."

  3. Always stunning nature photography! Love the rainbow shot -- the roof looks golden in that light. Your tomatoes continue to make me salivate :) I can hardly WAIT for a ripe tomato!

  4. Dana, those are just about the most beautiful photographs I have seen yet. Omigoodness...! The photo of the squirrel clinging to the tree is a prize winner. And the rainbow...! What can I say...?


  5. Cool week in pictures! Love the little rainbow. :c)

  6. Love your moon pics- none of mine turned out! And your deer reminded me of my grandpa- when I was making trips back and forth between home and college, he would always remind me, "Watch the deer. Watch the fog."

  7. That is a big huge tractor!

    Those sunflower photos are beautiful. You both have such a talent with the camera!

    Man, would I love to eat one of those tomatoes!

  8. What magnificent colors! All the colors in your photos seem to be screaming fall, even the sky has the deep blue color of a fall sky. I really enjoyed them because today we're absolutely covered in grey with small cracks of thunder from time to time.

  9. These really are great photos. I know what you mean about getting to see your hubby doing his job well. I smile with pride when I get to see mine do presentations. I still wish I had some of the green tomatoes for frying. I don't have a place to grow any here.

  10. WoW...lots of photos this week and they are all great! That squirrel looks as though he's spreading'em!! Like he's in trouble! lol Great pics of the moon and we live in a farming community (believe it or not in AZ!!) so we have lots of trackers and farming equipment on the roads around here as well.

  11. Super pictures this week. I especially loved the sunflowers - what brillant color!! Living in Indiana I get behind one of those "farm implements" every once in a while and you're right there is nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the view.... Have a great week!

  12. Dana, I always enjoy seeing your week in pictures. Those sunflowers, that squarl... oh my goodness!... and Dr. M's lecture. I hope your week was as enchanting as it seems.

  13. I love those moon pictures! And the toms and the capri-suns. A real fun mixed bag this week.

  14. That squirrel clinging to the tree could have some good captions with it! :)
    Love the moon and the hedgehog and those sunflowers are awesome. My very favorite!
    We have those big machines around here too and you are absolutely right about sitting back, because you have no choice.
    Does Dr. M always serve refreshments? Such a thoughtful and wise man. :)
    Have a super week!!

  15. Yum! 'Maters. ;)

    Yeah, I've driven behind a few "behemoths" (as you call them) in my time. Ugh. I used to teach school in a farming community. I would always get behind them on my WAY to work. You know. When I was already running late. Talk about testing one's patience!!

    Oh, I would have called that a groundhog. Huh. (Not that I'm an expert!)

    Rainbows are always exciting, no matter how small. Don't you think?

  16. I feel put to shame seeing how well you are documenting your days for P365. If I got out of the house more it would make a difference, but since I work from home most of the time, well, ... I especially love your sunflowers as they push past their glory.

  17. WOW! You had a great picture week!

    All those birds, flowers, rainbows,farm equipment,talk about a wide range of different experiences!


  18. Stunning photography! E.v.e.r.y time! You win!
    My favorite, if that's possible--the deer.
    BTW, does Dr. M know Steve Messer from TU? Same interest area.

  19. you know how to make the nature shots come alive! beautiful. really. squirrels just crack me up. period. :)


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