Project 365 – Week Thirty-Seven

Sunday, September 5th
On Sunday Dr. M & I decided to take a little ramble. We had a nice time driving around. I don't know the significance of this carving, but we thought it was really neat - & with the sun shining on it I decided that it was a sign that I needed to get a picture of it. It's actually two-sided – the angel carving is on the back.

We had an adolescent humor moment & had to get a picture of this sign.

And we found sheep! Imagine that!

Monday, September 6th
I guess it's appropriate that all of our Labor Day pictures are of produce. This first picture is of the tomatoes that we're hoping will ripen off the vine. It's just been too cool in the evenings. I don't remember - was it Rita? - but yes, I'd love if you'd send me your fried green tomato recipe!
Next is a picture of the squash vine – it's still producing quite well. Must like the cooler weather.

And here are a couple pictures of part of our supper – tomatoes, the refrigerator pickles Dr. M made with our cucumbers, and squash & zucchini (the zucchini was from someone else's garden). We had sweet potatoes, grilled chicken & steak with this.

Tuesday, September 7th
On Tuesday Dr. M took a picture of some of our squash.

And I took a picture of a science experiment. The sweet potato we ate last night was growing so Dr. M put a chunk in some water to see what it would do.

Wednesday, September 8th
We still have some lovely flowers around here.

Thursday, September 9th
On Thursday I took a picture of the fog on my way to work. This doesn't really do it justice – it's just so pretty & fluffy over all the fields in the mornings.

The sunflower field on Dr. M's way to work is just gorgeous.

Friday, September 10th
On Friday Dr. M got some pictures of, guess what? Birds! I love how the finch looks so self-important - & I love the reflection of the birds in the water.

That night Dr. M & I worked my church's booth at a local festival - selling rootbeer floats. This was dinner – BBQ pulled pork nachos. Yum!

Saturday, September 11th
Today we went to the first home football game of the season at Dr. M's university. And they won! It was a great game.

This is a picture of the band – yes, they call their area is called The Pit of Despair. The band is really good this year – we were impressed, especially since they only have about 27 members.

And here is a picture of our booth at the festival – yes we worked another shift today.

I love this poster that one of our folks created for our booth. Especially on this day we should remember that we are called to love, not hate. Just because other people thrive on hate doesn't mean that we have to join in. Am I less of an American because I don't hate innocent Muslims? Am I less of an American because I think that more killing isn't an answer? Frankly, I'm not sure I even care about that – What Would Jesus Do? That's the question I care about.

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  1. Great pictures this week and I especially love the sign.

  2. Oh, that field of sunflowers! And that hummer in mid-air! Most of all, I love your church sign. ;c)

  3. i love the sunflowers and the hummingbirds!

  4. Seriously awesome sign! A great week in pics, if I do say so myself :-D

  5. Wow. Great pictures. I LOVE the sunflower field and the birds in the bath.
    ♥ audrey

  6. I'm glad to see your photographs are just as lovely and vibrant as you are. Hello! I'm bacccck!

  7. wonderful pics this week
    thanks 4 sharing
    have a gr8 week

  8. we have a bridge/dam here called The Big Dam Bridge...we told our kids it was their free swear! ha!

    I used to ripen my green tomatoes by putting them on newspaper in the sun.

    I used to love to drive to church early this time of year in IN, the fog would be just on top of the corn fields and then would canopy over the pretty!

  9. Your pictures are always so beautiful. Especially the sunflowers. I want BBQ nachos!! I love football and can't wait to go to a game.

  10. Luuurve the birdbath photo!
    Laughed out loud over the adolescent humor shot -- too funny!
    Sunflowers just inspire me... one of these days I'm going to make a sunflower wall quilt so I can always have one around!
    Pulled pork nachos? Why hasn't anyone ever told me about them before???!!!
    It's absolutely shocking that you were able to find sheep. teehee
    I've been cringing all week as I followed the story of the "christian" who wanted to burn the Koran. Yikes! What Bible is he reading?

  11. Fun week...I wish it would cool down here, soon I hope! LOVE the sunflower of my most fav flowers. And that birdbath pic is really very cool with their reflection as well. And way to go on the exciting and too funny about the pit of dispair!! lol Have a great week!

  12. Oh I love the sunflowers and the humming bird and the flowers and sign... :0)

  13. I love the picture of the birds in the birdbath and also the fog picture.

  14. Those sunflowers. Oh my. Eye. Candy. :)

    Love that poster!!

  15. I think a bug's eye must have extra special photographic skills 'cause your view is always extraordinary.
    So appreciate your comments as well!

  16. Love all your produce shots. The sunflowers are amazing. I could sit and look at those all day long!
    The finchs on the bird bath are great too. Love the reflection as well!
    If only people would do what the poster says...what a better place it would be!


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