Project 365 – Week Thirty-Six

 Sunday, August 29th
Why look here – it's a hummingbird picture! And that's it for fauna this week – except for the picture of Dr. M on Wednesday. Heh.

 About every six months I get a hankering for Skyline Chili. It's a Cincinnati specialty that I thought was the most bizarre food in the universe when we moved here. Chili? On spaghetti? Topped with a mountain of cheese? How very odd! Now it's a favorite food (the secret ingredient is chocolate - so we know I'm all over that) – but one I can't eat too often. Please note that it's served with oyster crackers as an appetizer. As a good Baptist I was a bit disturbed the first time they placed the little bowl in front of me – we only ate oyster crackers at communion when I was growing up in North Carolina. Mine is a four way with beans (chili, spaghetti, cheese, beans). Dr. M got the five way - which comes with onions.

 See – I only ate about half of it – the rest made a most excellent Monday lunch.

Monday, August 30thOn Monday I took a picture of the rising sun on my way to work. Fortunately, this stretch of road is the only bit where I face the sun – the rest of my commute is going the other direction.

Tuesday, August 31st
On Tuesday Dr. M took some picture at a local farm. I just love this silo & the barn with its rock foundation.

Wednesday, September 1st
On Wednesday Dr. M participated in the Student Activities Fair. It was in the 90s that day & they didn't have a tent – so he improvised with this ginormous umbrella I accidentally bought him. I knew he needed a big one that would withstand wind gusts, but I didn't really know I was ordering one THAT huge. I have to hold it with both hands when I try to use it!

On my way home from work I took a picture of this three-wheeler. I want one! I'll bet I wouldn't spend nearly as much money on gas, & I'm pretty sure I could drive it. Pretty sure. So, Daddy, this Christmas, instead of the Prius I've been asking for, you can just get me one of these. With a matching helmet. Heh.

Thursday, September 2ndWe finally talked Martha Goose into going back to school. We may have had to resort to bribes.

Friday, September 3rd. We need rain in the worst way, but I've been enjoying the bright blue skies and fluffy clouds. I took this picture on my way home from work.

Saturday, August 28thOur tomato plants have a lot of tomatoes on them still. Big nice tomatoes. Big nice green tomatoes. So we're thinking they may or may not ripen. Recipes for fried green tomatoes anyone?

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  1. Dana, all I could think when I saw that chili was, "Omigoodness ... eat, and then blast off ..." :-) But it does look delicious. Do you know the best hot chocolate has chili powder in it as well. Chili and chocolate seem to go together.

    I absolutely love, love, love the photo of the barn. Omigoodness...!

  2. It looks like they built the barn and then jacked it up to build the rock walls under it.

  3. It doesn't matter what you put on spaghetti, I will eat it! Looks delicious. Thanks, you bug... now I've got a craving.


  4. I would give anything for those green tomatoes! I haven't had any since my parents stopped farming. And my Mom and Dad made the BEST fried green tomatoes! I will email you a recipe if you like. We also have a restaurant here called Steak N Shake that used to serve 5 way chili the way you describe yours. Now they have the "healthier" menu minus the 5 way. It was a popular item...go figure.

  5. Love your sunrise pic. It HAS been gorgeous here lately!

  6. Beautiful sunrise picture. Being from MI that skyline chili was always a treat. I haven't had it in forever but those pictures are making me crave it at 730 in the am!! YUM! Great pics of that silo and barn; I am loving the green moss on both of them. Hope you have a great week. And seriously...a 3 wheeler?? You are too funny. Be careful, but I agree...if you get one your helmet HAS to match! lol

  7. Love the sunrise shot. That chili looks good. I think I would get it like Dr. M, with the onions. :)
    I love the barn and silo. They remind me of my grandparent's farm when I was little.
    Glad Martha is deciding to be educated! Nothing worse than a silly goose!
    Have a super week!

  8. anything with that much cheese on it can't be anything but good!!!

    Love the picture of the silo and barn.

    I had to laugh at the picture of the 3 wheeler as I saw the semi barreling down on her in the back ground and thought "that's a great way to get smushed!!"

  9. Chili on spaghetti. Definitely sounds interesting. Oh and I would have to get the 5-way. I love onions. :)

    Good thing you don't have to drive on that road the entire way. Oh my goodness, that sun looks like it could be blinding!

    Around here all the old barns and silos are being torn down in favor of big shiny machine sheds. I told DH that as long as I'm alive, our barn will never be torn down.

  10. Y'all really could have added a lil' cheese to your dish. Hehe... ;) Yumm.

    Love the pix of the sunrise, silo, and barn!

  11. Ha! I saw a feature about Skyline Chili on Food Network once! Sounds terrible to me, but every one who eats it seems to love it (as you guys do). It's certainly an interesting combo, is it not?

    That umbrella cracks me up!

    I, too, am loving the blue skies and fluffy clouds lately.

    Yummmmm...fried green tomatoes.


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