Summer’s Gone – One Shot Wednesday

Summer's Gone

She drives in darkness
Down the road
The headlights
Alight with autumn glow
Summer's gone

Crops are dormant
Nothing grows
The corn is only
Good for crows
Summer's gone

The world is smaller
The sky so low
She catches her breath
And lets it go
Summer's gone

This is a One Shot Wednesday Poem. Please go here to enjoy other One-Shots!


  1. The seasons get more and more lovely to me. I miss them when the are over, but I like what's on it's way too.

    Excellent oneshot!

  2. it will be back...and for now we ca love on autumn who brigs her beauty before the long sleep...smiles. nice one shot

  3. I'm not sorry to see summer go as it was too humid for me this year (yeah, I'm terribly picky) and now we enter my favorite season so I'm excited!

    I loved the imagery and I loved the flow of your poem - a perfect summer adieu!

  4. Such a great flow. Read a sense continuation and endurance in your lines.

  5. A sweet final salute to summer, Bug!

    I see you did what I do all too often and unintentionally: Take pictures that are not quite level.

    (Thank goodness for Photoshop!)

  6. I can certainly relate to this poem. The rain, bitter winds and colouring leaves of England all confirm your poem's beautiful refrain. A charming, melancholic write.

  7. Shprt, sweet and poignant. Nice!

  8. I hear the lament and then the resolve to move forward. Great application for life.

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot

    Moon lamenting summer's gone

  9. "The corn is only
    Good for crows"

    Love it! At least the corn is useful to the crows.

  10. great poem and to be honest i really like winter cooler weather but where i'm living summer has not left

  11. only good for the crows... a little sad. you captured it perfectly... fall is bittersweet.

  12. Endings and Beginnings. Seems to be a theme this week as "summer turns to autumn and the present disappears". Lovely work. Thanks, Gay @beachanny

  13. And a very gentle exit she has made...

  14. At the end the whole verse converges and says good bye... Lovely.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay


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