Weekly Wordzzle – The Bug is NOT in Charge

It's Wordzzle time again! Every week I think, blech, I'm not in the mood. But then I look at the words & my brain starts whirring (tonight Dr. M was asking what that noise was), and out come the stories. Really, I have no control. Sorry.

Words for the mini: carpet, cane, outer space, handball, ambitious

"I have been called on the carpet for the last time," Sheila thought. "This company's expectations are from outer space." Aloud, deliberately misunderstanding, she said, "Well, Mr. Cane, I would enjoy playing 'handball' with you, but I'm not that ambitious!" With that, she cheerfully marched out of the company field-day plan ning committee meeting and into unemployment.

Words for the 10 word challenge: pyramid, laughter, orangutan, recycling, infinity, toilet paper, greasy dishes, Spanish, preparation, back-up

It was a pyramid scheme set up by an orangutan. It was greasy dishes with dried on Spanish rice. It was buying toilet paper into infinity. It was recycling and a computer back-up. The preparation had been full of laughter. The marriage was full of work!

And here's my mega: pyramid, laughter, orangutan, recycling, infinity, toilet paper, greasy dishes, Spanish, preparation, back-up, carpet, cane, outer space, handball, ambitious

Sylvia needed to take a walk. She finally had her outer space under control. It was the infinity of her inner space that had "issues." No matter how hard she tried to improve herself, she couldn't seem to find that one thing that didn't make her feel like an orangutan trying to learn Spanish. Actually, she would put money on the orangutan learning the language before she did. Taking up handball hadn't been any better.

And she spent her days recycling those old mental messages. "You're no better than the toilet paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe." "Greasy dishes have more personal style than you do." What had begun in love and laughter had ended with her sobbing on the carpet of her bedroom floor. Fortunately she'd had a back-up plan. It wasn't very ambitious - just staying with a relative down south - but with enough preparation she'd been able to escape.

Over time those old negative messages would be overcome by the affirmations she forced herself to read every day. "You are beautiful!" "You can achieve anything with hard work!"

Walking along the sugar cane field, she stopped at a clear place and drew a pyramid in the sand. It was her talisman. She envisioned herself standing at the top, poised to fly, over the cane field, over Louisiana, into the loveliness of her own beautiful self.

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  1. All three wonderful. The first two made me laugh and the third was uplifting (the more so because I have a friend trying to get away from such a situation).

    You say you don't think out of the box, but I find your use of the words wonderfully creative. If you don't think outside the box, it's only because it's an exceedingly roomy box.

  2. Hi Dana, lately I do not get to reading blogs nearly often enough, so this morning I spent a while catching up on your posts. As usual it was very entertaining. One question though. In the photo of the Tax pig there are red flowers blooming in the background, what are they and can we maybe see a photo of them? Regards from sunny and warm (winter is at last moving out) ZA.

  3. oh you must post these every week without fail - each one was priceless. You are very economic - the first was barely a paragraph but spoke volumes about work and i liked your idea of the orangutan learning spanish at the end - made me chuckle

    if i'm here to entertain you then you are definately here to entertain me

  4. The second story is a delight, witty and very funny. My favourite is the last one - your words are so powerful and vibrant. The message of your tale is an uplifting, profound and hopeful one. As always, your Wordzzles are wonderful.

  5. If Dr M complains at the noise of whirring, tell him to come and join in with us.

    Heh! Loved that mini! 'Handball', never heard it referred to in that way before LOL>

    And that has to be THE most compact 10-worder EVER! Almost haiku-like in its brevity and completeness. Verrryyy cool.

    And your mega was very nicely drawn - the ending, very poetic. I have the same inner monlogue going as Sylvia does :-(


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