Nance was concerned about the lack of cows on our Project 365 post. Please note that here at Bug's Eye View, we aim to please.

The placid cow

Chews her cud

Considers green

Considers mud

Feels the sun

and shadows play

Watches birds

Dreams of hay

The placid cow

Sees the guy

across the field

and wonders why

he is taking her picture for the millionth time!


  1. Those cows all look so happy and content. I'm not sure anything looks as calm as a cow out in a field.

  2. Oh, thank you! How nice of you. Herefords, with their curly topknots, are my Especial Favourites, and the Classic Holsteins are always so photogenic and pleasant.

    Steve is right: cows are just so serene. Everything is always okay with a cow. They walk and nod their heads as if to say, "Yep, things are great." I cannot tell you how many times Rick has pulled off to the side of country highways so that I can just toddle across and mush over to a fence and call out to chat with cows. Sigh. I know, I know...anyway. THANK YOU!

  3. one new year's eve some friends and I were making the 12 hour drive to Big Bend for a river trip when we stopped about midnight to shoot off a firework and drink champagne at the edge of fenced pasture. when the cows saw us pull over and spill out they all came right up to the fence to check us out. we set off the firework and then happened to notice that the cows had all disappeared. we could barely see them on the other side of the pasture. it was so fast they might have transported themselves. 'beam us outta here, Scotty!' it was pretty funny. we drank our champagne, piled back in the car and continued on.

  4. Tried to spray paint it is unbelievably fun. I just love all the colors to choose from.

  5. I've always thought cows looked really serene too, but I can't rule out that they're just kind of dim. Still...

  6. that's a whole lotta cows

    great pictures

  7. LOL As my grandson would say, they're sooo cute.

  8. I love the poem as much as the photos!

  9. Rudee - thanks for noticing that there was a poem :)


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