An Open Letter to My Muse

I blamed the heat.
And then the humidity.
I blamed hormones
and hateful rhetoric.
I even blamed my hair.

Today is cool and clear.
I am calm and collected.
I have not been
cold-cocked by cruelty.
My hair will do.

And yet I’m sure that
all this alliteration
will not tempt you
to return to me.

I sure hope you’re
having a good time
wherever you are.

Love, Wordless Bug

I'm sharing this for the one second that starts at :30 - but you go ahead & enjoy the whole thing. It makes me howl :)


  1. Great poem, and I can only wonder if your muse will answer back.

  2. I can relate to missing the muse!

    I need to watch this movie again.

  3. ok - here is a guaranteed way of getting an idea if the muse has moved on.

    Put all pens, papers, mobile phones, recording devices or anything that you could possibly record your idea on on the table.

    Go for a long walk, ride, journey into the absolute middle of nowhere with no quick way to return

    Sure enough - when you have no possible way to remember the idea long enough to write it down - that is when they always, always come

  4. Great poem. It's been so long since I watched that movie I can't remember - what happened to Pete?

  5. As I like to tell my son, there is no hair emergency a little pomade cannot fix.


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